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Pearls of Wisdom

 "The people who are not voting for Romney are not doing it because I'm telling them to, or because anybody else is telling them to. They're doing it because they genuinely have a problem with Romney."

"At some point, all this is gonna get put back together again. And, when it gets put back together, we're gonna have to have a semblance here of unity in the Republican Party."

"Santorum said last night: 'I'm not the conservative alternative to Mitt Romney. I am the conservative alternative to Obama.' Amen! That is exactly what the Republican conservative base is looking for: A conservative alternative to Obama!"

"The advertising agency that put together the Clint Eastwood halftime ad in the Super Bowl had people that volunteered for Obama in 2008. The Hollywood Reporter dug out that news, not the Drive-By Media. Who woulda thought that was possible?"

"What the conservative base knows is that we have the most radical, far-left president this country's ever seen. And the contrast to that is who we are naturally."

"I think I have a pretty good understanding and idea where the Republican base is. If they're given the opportunity to vote for what they think is so important, they'll do it."

"Santorum is very fluent in the language of conservatism. It's natural. It pours out. And explaining, for example, the theory of limited government is second nature to him. He doesn't have to be taught it. He doesn't have to have it written for him. He doesn't have to be briefed and he certainly doesn't have to be tutored right before he goes out to speak about it."

"As times get more dire, and as Obama becomes more stridently left, conservatism comes into focus. Now, if you are a conservative and you don't believe that that's true, then why be a conservative?"

"If you are a conservative who understands it ideologically, nothing about last night -- nothing about what happened to Newt when he was doing well, nothing about the lack of total support for Romney, none of this -- is confusing to conservatives. What's confusing to us is how everybody else doesn't see it."

"Every day this administration has something else, either in mind or something else that they are doing, that is usurping these freedom little by little."

"One of the most pleasing and empowering things that can happen to freshly arrived conservatives is to get out in the process and find out you're not alone, you're not all by yourself."

"If you believe passionately in conservatism, why do you have to subordinate it? Why do you have to ignore it? Why do you have to pretend that you're not a conservative in order to win the independents?"

"If we're gonna continue to put ourselves on defense by believing that the independents are gonna think we're extremists simply because we're conservative, then it's time for the people who think that to stop being conservative. You're not really a conservative if you're gonna acknowledge that you're an extremist."

"Some of these caucuses and primaries, the results are not even binding, the delegates are not bound over by virtue of the results here. So there's a lot of factors here that could explain the low turnout that don't mean anything as far as the general is concerned."

"The American left has purposefully tried to establish as many dependent people on government as possible in this country."

"When did I endorse Santorum? Yeah, I endorsed and didn't tell you. How about that. You've been begging me to endorse somebody and I did it on the sly and I didn't even know it. I haven't endorsed Santorum. I've just said some things about him as a conservative."

"Obama loves tweaking us. Obama loves getting us upset. The media does, too. They have the biggest time doing this. They love doing things just to get a rise out of all of us."

"We're told independents want compromise, people getting along. Um, have you ever noticed that independents never, ever get worried, upset, angry, or bothered by what Democrats say, only Republicans? It's just amazing."

"When I am me and do what I do, there can't be mistakes. It's that simple."


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