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Eastwood Chrysler Ad Agency Volunteered for Obama in 2008
RUSH: So the advertising agency that put together the Clint Eastwood halftime ad in the Super Bowl, had people that volunteered for Obama in 2008. The Hollywood Reporter dug out that news, not the Drive-By Media. Who woulda thought that was possible? In fact, it's probably difficult to find an ad agency that didn't donate or work on The One's campaign back in 2008.

Rasmussen: 54% Support Obamacare Repeal
RUSH: This is from yesterday.  It's a Rasmussen poll.  "While a majority of U.S. voters continues to favor repeal of the national health care law, the number who believes it will be good for the country is at an all-time high."  Fifty-four percent favor repeal; 43% say it will be bad for the country.  And the important thing about this is that independents support the repeal of Obamacare by 19 points.  Independents support the repeal of Obamacare by 19 points.  And from that, you could probably say that independents support the repeal of a bunch of Obama stuff by a sizeable majority.

Newt Says He Liked Clint Eastwood Ad
RUSH: Politico is reporting that Newt Gingrich in Ohio says he likes Clint Eastwood's Super Bowl ad.  Newt said he likes it.  He was speaking to employees at a manufacturing facility in Cleveland.  He said he liked the Chrysler ad.  "I like that Clint Eastwood ad," Gingrich said." I liked the tone of that ad."  The Politico then continues to quote Gingrich: "We're just regrouping.  I believe with your help in the primary, with your help in the general election we can in fact develop an approach to put America back on the right track."  So Newt liked the ad. (chuckling) They make this show so hard.  These guys make doing this show, sometimes, really so hard.  Do we have original? No, we don't.  This is the ad. If you hear is gonna be doing an ad in the Super Bowl at halftime, this is what you think you're going to get, not what we got.
Politico Quotes Me Correctly
RUSH: It has just been uncovered -- the Hollywood Reporter has uncovered -- the fact that the people on the marketing side, the creative side who put together the Clint Eastwood ad actually donated time to help market-advertise-produce the Obama campaign in 2008. "Shazam, Ethel!" I thought he got scammed. I said yesterday he scammed and I stand by it today. And, in fact, The Politico is reporting that. They report this verbatim that I said I thought he got scammed. It's over here in one of these stacks. Here's... (interruption) A big story on what? Oh, was it all over Google News? Yeah, I didn't see that.

Here it is. Politico: "Limbaugh: Eastwood Got 'Scammed.'" And then they quote me verbatim, accurately (it's unheard of that that happens) from the program yesterday in their website, on their website, and they don't say that I'm wrong. They just put it out there as this is what's being said in the upper echelons of the right. But if you hear that Eastwood's gonna do a halftime ad at the Super Bowl, this is what you think you're going to get. (playing of spoof) You know, I don't even know that Newt watches football. I don't know that he watched the Super Bowl. Maybe he heard that ad. Maybe that's what he thought the Eastwood ad was: Our ad. Maybe he didn't really hear the Eastwood ad, but they don't specify that. They did say that the ad that he heard was the Super Bowl ad and that he liked it.

Scarlett Johansson Slams Santorum Sweater Vest
RUSH: Did you hear what Scarlett Johansson said today?  Scarlett Johansson... I don't have it in front of me where she said it. It was Us magazine or Us Weekly or some such thing, but she ripped into Santorum for wearing sweater vests, that that's not stylish, that they're unfashionable. She had some statement that it's ridiculous.  It's from US magazine.  "Rick Santorum's Sweater Vest Slammed by Scarlett Johansson." Keep in mind you are the mind-numbed robots. You are the idiots that can't make up your minds. Meanwhile, Scarlett Johansson, others like her, those are the Wizards of Smart. Those are the people we should be listening to you.  The sartorial choices of Rick Santorum and the Republican National Committee were fair game for Scarlett Johansson who stepped out at a Tuesday fundraiser for Obama hosted by vogue in New York City. 

And here's what she said about Santorum's mode of dress.  "Oh, gosh, it's so sad.  You know, my dad wore sweater vests, and I mean they're charming for family photos, I guess, and dinner with the grandparents.  I think there's an ironic way to wear a sweater vest, but irony other than that I'm not sure.  Now, what does that mean?  Scarlett Johansson, wizard of smart, you unable to make up your own mind about who to vote for. I'm being asked, "What is Scarlett Johansson's preferred form of dress? If Santorum's sweater vest looks rotten and doesn't make any sense, then what is the approved...?" I guess from Scarlett Johansson that would be more nude photos, right? Isn't that what she...? Right? Or close to it? And we're gonna start talking about people wear or don't wear? Isn't that what Scarlett Johansson's...? Am I confusing her with somebody? I didn't think so. I didn't think I was.

Breaking News: Rush Limbaugh Mocks GOP Establishment
RUSH: Politico has breaking news of me mocking the Republican establishment for being shocked by Santorum's victories last night.  So it's exciting out there, and it's only going to increase in intensity.  Stay with it.


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