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Pearls of Wisdom

"You know, the point of government assistance ought to be to remove people from it. But with the Democrat Party and Obama, the objective is to increase the number of people."

"Getting tricked is being told that Obamacare would push down the deficit and health care costs. Getting tricked is liberalism costing us $16 trillion since it got hold of the government. You talk about tricks, Obama's full of 'em, and they're all on us."

"When you've got one source basically to stay alive, that's all you're gonna care about. And if that source isn't you, your life's destroyed. You're over. You are in prison. You are forever shackled, in this case to a state that doesn't care about you individually. It couldn't care less about you -- except one day every four years, and that's it."

"An entire segment of our population is being rendered irrelevant. Their lives are being destroyed, their humanity is being taken away, their dignity done away with. All for the sake of the continuation and expansion of power of the Democrat Party and the state."

"Now, we're being told in this story, 20% of Republicans lean to Obama if the nominee is somebody other than Ron Paul. That's the only time when 20% of Republicans will not vote for Obama is if the nominee is Ron Paul. I'm just gonna say, anybody leaning toward voting Obama is not a Republican, period."

"You know, Romney and his super PAC, whoever the non-Romney is that emerges, that super PAC gets in gear. They tear down Newt, they tear down Herman Cain, they tear down Perry -- and turn their sights all of a sudden on 'Mr. Nice Guy,' Santorum."

"The banks were forced by the government at the point of a gun to loan to people they knew couldn't afford the mortgages. That's what really happened. That's the root of the subprime mortgage crisis. Social justice, affordable housing, the so-called good intentions and don't judge us on the failure of our results."

"Why should people be rewarded for being behind on their house payments? Why? Just because they shouldn't have been lent the money in the first place? Why should the rest of us, including responsible homeowners and renters, have to pay higher ATM fees and banking fees? Because that's where the $25 billion is coming from."

"The entire welfare system in this country -- the social safety net, whatever you want to call it -- is destroying people. It's robbing them of their dignity. It's robbing them of their humanity. It's robbing them of their potential."

"I never think about a speech much in advance because I just can't. I can't write speeches so I never think about it 'til right before it so what I think about is fresh in my mind."

"This woman that wants to serve Two If By Tea at her family reunion, think of it, madam, like a peace pipe you don't have to smoke. It's exactly what it's gonna end up being. It's happened before."


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