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 "You'll be shocked to hear, ladies and gentlemen, that Obama's budget actually increases spending. I know I was shocked when I saw that. Well, based on what he's said in the past. You take him at his word, what he said in the past, this is outrageous."

"The church has become 'progressive.' Not just the Catholic Church, either. I grew up a Methodist. Gee, they've gone off the rails, too."

"I don't care who our nominee is, this election must be about Obama and what he has wrought and what the future portends if he's reelected."

"If I had to express this program in the form of a mission statement, it would be to create a large, participating, voting, informed public."

"Obama is explicitly banking on the fact that he can be reelected by a dependent class that outnumbers a working class. And by 'working class' I mean anybody that earns a dime or ten million dimes."

"We have the most divisive president in our lifetimes, the most partisan president in our lifetimes, and we have a president who couldn't tell the truth about the budget and spending to save his life."

"Warren Buffett didn't get where he is with policies, philosophies, and business practice that are reflected by his current language. Just the opposite."

"Obama knew that raising taxes back then two Democrats ago, would be damaging to his reelection. 'Cause he knows what tax increases do. They retard economic growth. So, knowing full well they retard economic growth, the fact that he intends to raise taxes and double the debt is as great an indicator as you need of what his intentions are for this country and our budget and our overall structure."

"Nothing the federal government is doing regarding education is improving it. Kids aren't learning. They're being indoctrinated with a left-wing agenda, and it's more intense than ever. 'Care for our veterans'? This from a man who disdains them?"

"The reason filthy rich leftists run around and talk about how they don't need a tax cut and they're willing to pay more taxes: It's how they keep college kids like the people in this audience off their backs."

"How many people do you know who are not even Catholic -- Obama, the regime -- who equate liberalism with Christianity? They claim to find liberalism throughout the Bible, and they claim to find it in the notion that taking from the rich and giving to the poor by the government is charity, and that it is their Christian duty to confiscate other people's money and redistribute it."

"According to the new Obama budget, the national debt will be $1 trillion higher in a decade than previously forecast. Now, he usually gives his budget some kinda name. His first budget was called "the new era of fiscal responsibility." I kid you not. I don't know what he's calling this one, maybe Occupy America. Maybe this budget is Greece 2."

"Obama is banking on the fact that there are more people who'd rather sit around and do nothing -- become wards of the state, become totally dependent on him -- than there are people who would like to seek their dreams, be the best they can be, go out and pursue happiness."

"The best president in the world could be elected, and if Pelosi and Reid are running the House and the Senate, it won't matter who the president is, he'll be stopped at every turn. Because if Pelosi and Reid are running the House and the Senate, the media is right behind 'em."

"We're dealing with a community organizer, Chicago thug here, folks. It really isn't complicated, and it's not inside baseball."

"I hate to say it, folks, the Catholic Church has been kissing the socialist ring since the 1930s, and now it has come back to bite them."

"The redistribution of wealth and the silly notion that the government can provide meaningful, solid lives, morally and economically for people, is absurd. It destroys dignity. It destroys humanity. It destroys the family."

"Everything that we've instinctively known about Obamacare is now being documented to happen by the people who put it together."

"There can be no Christian love when you are forced by the government to give some of your hard-earned income to the government to give to others at the effective point of a gun. That is not charity."

"It's the path of least resistance to equate socialism with charity, and yet look around the world at socialism and what happens to people who live under it! There's nothing charitable about it."

"Socialism does not improve people's lives. It does not make the family stronger. It does not inculcate a moral code, a virtue that sustains a society or culture. The Church used to do that, but the Church doesn't even do it anymore."

"This country was founded by people who were escaping religious tyranny, and now look what Obama's doing. He's attacking the Constitution at its very root."

"I think conservatism is in Santorum's bodily fluids, and because of that he's able to articulate it without thinking about it."

"As I have been trying to pound home for three years, Obamacare will break the back of the middle class and the country financially, and that was part of the plan."


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