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 "The Washington Post, New York Times, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, LA Times, it's all oriented toward two things: advancing the Democrat Party and whoever runs it -- in this case, Barack Obama -- and at the same time defeating, embarrassing, and humiliating the Republicans and conservatives."

"Obama is running to be reelected by the dumbest among us. That's who he's aiming at here. That's how he looks at the 99%. The dumbest, the most uninformed, and that's why he's perfectly willing to campaign on a socialist agenda."

"You need to be suspicious of virtually everything you hear and read and see inconventional media."

"The electric car is the product of cowards. The electric car is the product of people who are afraid to go outside and live. All of the environmentalist wacko movement is made up of wusses who want you to think that they are trying to achieve what is impossible: Heaven on earth! Pristine, no filth, no dirt, no grime, no nothing. It's not possible."

"My problem is that we are not progressing. We are not taking giant leaps forward. We are in certain areas like high-tech, that's indisputable, but we're going backwards in areas that are crucial to our liberty and freedom and economic advancement."

"I made a prediction last fall that I wouldn't be surprised in my lifetime if football is banned, as it's played today. And the media, the sports media, by and large is contributing to it and they don't even know it."

"Do you realize if we had the same mind-set today and the same government and the same regulations -- the same union characteristics, the same environmentalist movement, the same tort bar -- the 1900s wouldn't have happened? They'd have stopped the railroad! They would've stopped rockets. They would've stopped the jet engine! They would've stopped it all.

"Conventional wisdom is a bunch of know-nothings agreeing. When everybody agrees on something, something's wrong."

"Obamacare could ban contraception or abortion. Once Obamacare is implemented, the government can make any change unilaterally it wants. Because, if it is implemented and if this mandate is found to be constitutional -- if the government can tell you that you've got to buy an insurance policy or you get fined or you go to jail -- then they can tell you anything."

"Now, I have noted and I have mentioned over the past two decades: When liberal Democrats run for office, they sound like conservatives. They do their best to hide who they really are. You know it and I know it. That's not happening now."

"There's no line of separation or wall of separation between the news media and Obama. That's why I call 'em the State-Controlled Media."

"My grandfather was born in 1893. And he saw more advancement in human technology, quality of life in the first 50 years of his life than had happened in all of human history prior to it."

"What a bunch of wusses, culturally, we are compared to the dynamism that built this country! It just breaks my heart to see what's happening to us."

"You know, we subscribe here to all the Democrat stuff. We subscribe to the SEIU website and the Democrat National Committee. I'm not gonna give away the names, but we use the stupidest names, and they don't care."

"Obama is destroying the finances of this country. He's breaking this country. We are in debt; he has proposed more. He has not balanced anything, although he says he has. He has not reduced spending, although he says he has. He is spending like we've never spent before, on purpose."

"If the Democrat Party did not have their willing accomplices in the media to implement their strategy, they would not be able to get away with all this enforcement and all this advanced thinking and the ability to pull this off."

"We're going backwards in areas that are crucial to our liberty and freedom and economic advancement. We're going backwards in areas that are important for making men out of boys and women out of girls."

"George Stephanopoulos is as down and dirty as anybody in politics needs to be to get whatever needs to be done, done. He may be small in stature, but this guy is not the marshmallow man, and now he's over at ABC, and he's supposedly an objective journalist."

"Why is contraception so important that it must be paid for by somebody else? It's so important that you have contraceptives. It can't be left up to you to even take the initiative to provide them for yourself. They have to be provided for you. Why not toothpaste? Why not hotel rooms? Why not a car? What is it, as far as liberals are concerned, that makes contraceptives a must-have?


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