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original"Every problem we are having in housing is directly traceable to Barack Obama. He owns it! As a Senator, as a community organizer, the only thing Obama didn't like about Bush's big spending policies is that the spending was never enough."

"Every aspect of this nation's present circumstance and disaster is owned, fully and solely, by Barack Obama and the Democrat Party."

"Barack Obama is attempting to occupy a position that essentially is, 'I haven't been president for three years. I'm running for office for the first time here. It's worse than anybody ever told us!' When does he get blamed? Name for me any other president, three years after a disaster like this, who would not be blamed at least for some of it? You can't."

"The United States had an AAA credit rating when Obama was immaculated. It was $1.61-a-gallon gas, 7.2% unemployment, a deficit four times smaller than it is today. And Obama, as a senator, voted for every spending increase put before him. Every one! Everything he 'inherited,' he voted for."

"Obama's running against a do-nothing Congress. He just submits a budget, a bankrupting budget that is indefensible, it's a campaign document. That's why it can't be defended."

"Sometimes I vacillate on Obama's motivation, and other days I don't care about it. But days like this when it becomes unmistakably clear, there is a huge and maybe more than one chip on his shoulder about this country, it's existence, and the way it was structured, that he doesn't like."

"The arms race was not about total numbers. It was about having more than all of your enemies because of the deterrent factor. None of these weapons were ever built with the hope that they would have to be used."

"I am doing what I was born to do. Such an amazing thing of good fortune, how blessed. I wish everybody could find what it is they were born to do and then do it."

"This reducing nuclear warheads to a number of 300 is staggering news. That would be the equivalent of unilateral disarmament, given the stockpiles of nations around the world."

"We have a president for whom the Constitution is an impediment. The Constitution is a roadblock. The Constitution is a problem. The Constitution, for Obama and his boys, is a worthless document."

"I think the original intent of the social safety net was to make as many people dependent as possible. They sold it on the basis that it would help the poor. They sold it on the basis that we are good people, that we're a compassionate country and that we'll take care of anybody who really can't."

"Obama wants one of two things. He wants to be able to ignore the Constitution with impunity, which he's being able to do, nobody's stopping him. Ideally he would like a constitution that he writes that empowers government over everything and everyone. Until he gets that, he's going to act as though that's what it says."

"Barack Obama and the Democrat Party are aiming at the lowest common denominator. They have spent decades dumbing down the American people in the education system that they run and that they have run. Campaign for the stupid. Get the votes, buy the votes of the stupid."

"Obama is campaigning on the notion there are more takers than there are producers, that there are more people dependent on government than there are not, and that they will vote for whoever they think is going to keep that gravy train flowing."


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