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 "Look around, look at the abysmal state of our culture. We are in a period of cultural depravity and rot, and everybody knows it. Are we not?"

"Folks, I am not a seer. I'm not Nostradamus. I just know liberals, that's all. I'm able, on December 20, to tell you what is going to be in the news on February 16th because I know liberals, because I know the media."

"Darrell Issa was conducting a hearing on whether or not the Obamacare mandate on religious institutions was permissible under the Constitution. The Democrats are saying it was a hearing on contraception! It wasn't. Does anybody really believe the US Congress had a committee hearing on the principle, the notion, the idea of contraception? Of course not."

"Nobody can predict what's actually going to be happening in the real world the next day or the next week, but you can predict what liberals are gonna do, regardless what reality is."

"When did it become the federal government's job to make sure school lunches taste good? Once again, this is about control."

"The whole point of bringing up contraception and trying to make it look like the Republicans want to ban birth control is simply something to excite the Democrat base, which has been depressed as it can be because their president has done a rotten job."

"There are no new jobs being created. People are continuing to leave the workforce.
The numbers of people who used to be in the workforce when he took office versus now is down by two to three million, if not more. The only reason there's an 8.2 or 8.3% unemployment number is because they have just erased the number of jobs available to be secured. It's called the labor force participation rate."

"All the Democrats have is pages from their playbook that have worked in the past. They cannot run on this record. They don't want to run on this record."

"Because of the bailout and the special deals, General Motors does not pay any income tax. They pay no corporate tax for ten years on whatever profits they earn."

"The White House knows that their biggest threat is conservatism. Their biggest threat is if the conservatives took over the Republican Party. Their biggest threat is people voting the way they live. They can't allow that."

"I don't know what percentage, but a portion of the population will believe, at the end of the day today or whenever they watch the news, that the Republicans wanted to have a hearing on banning contraception. That's what the news will be."

"We've got Barack Obama in office just over three years, his budgets are fiscal disasters year after year after year, you doubt that it's on purpose? Seventy-five thousand dollar grants to sign up more food stamp recipients?"

"The media can succeed in discrediting people that they disagree with. They haven't been able to destroy me, but they can discredit me with people who don't take the time to listen themselves."

"The Democrats have realized that they can cobble together winning electoral coalitions by offering the middle class a ton of free stuff. This is not a 'safety net' for the poor and down-trodden, mind you. It's more free stuff for people who already have more cars, TVs, and phones than they can afford."


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