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Pearls of Wisdom

"We are seeing the Republican establishment force a candidate down the throats of the Republican base."

"I know these people at ESPN. I know how they think. But nobody would have blinked an eye if they woulda made fun of Jeremy Lin for being a Christian and made some headline about how his Christian faith failed him during the game."

"It's perfectly fine to make fun of anyone's religious beliefs as long as they're Christian, but you can never mock their ethnicity unless they're white."

"Do you realize nothing that happened, nothing that was said from the pulpit inside that church at the Whitney Houston funeral, could ever be uttered from the podium at the Democrat National Convention?"

"NOBODY is suggesting that we ban contraception, particularly at the federal level. This is a totally manufactured issue."

"The Democrats do not have one thing in Obama's record they can point to and say, 'You want four more years of this? Vote for us!'"

"The Republican establishment, clearly the Democrat Party establishment, do not have the slightest ability to relate to even half the country, probably more."

"It's gonna be an interesting week for Rick Santorum, because the kitchen sink and the devil are gonna be thrown at him, and how he deals with it will be fascinating to watch."

"Yeah, I divorced New York, but they won't get the message. They keep auditing me every year. New York is trying to collect alimony from me every year."

"Look around, folks, at the abysmal state of our culture.  How on earth could reasonable people not win any debate on social issues?  The left is intent on destroying every institution out there except for the state, every one of them."

"The Democrats and the media want to take the ability to publicly express our faith away from us. Suddenly the presidential campaign's all about 'social issues,' which is really code for 'religious issues.'"

"There are more and more people starting to actually become alarmed (and they are independents) at the brazen, naked power grabs that Obama is making."

"If -- it's a big 'if' -- if, as the polls indicate, Romney loses in Michigan, I think there's a possibility of something happening nobody's talking about, and that's the reemergence of Newt.  Keep a sharp eye.  Anything's still possible."

"Obama was the one who equated his policies with Jesus Christ, for crying out loud.  We haven't had a Republican do that in I don't know how long."

"You didn't hear Santorum say that Obama doesn't believe what Reverend Wright says.  He didn't challenge Obama's relationship with his pastor."

"I'll tell you what the real outrage ought to be.  The real outrage ought to be having to pay for things for other people no matter what it is."

"Obama comes down the pike and demands that somebody provide something to something else for nothing, somebody's gotta pay for that.  That should be where the real outrage is."

"In politics you can lie every day.  Political speech was what the First Amendment first dealt with, that you can lie all day long in politics."

"This Republican primary is causing people to lose friendships.  I mean in their personal lives, it's probably happening the same to you out there."

"I have to unify the party when it's all over and that's another reason I have to occupy the position here that I occupy."

"Look, we'll get to more Bob Schieffer tomorrow.  I had to decide phone calls or Schieffer and it wasn't too tough."

"Obama's probably eating pizza and burgers and other forbidden fruit actually in the White House. With Michelle gone, he doesn't have to go to some burger joint in Arlington. He can have it right there!"

"So the creative unemployed are simply saying, 'Hey, I'm disabled,' and they're getting substitute unemployment checks in that regard."

"You know what that budget is? That budget is a blueprint. That budget is his dream. That budget is exactly what he will do if given the chance. It may be DOA as a piece of legislation, but it's very alive in terms of what Obama's inventions are. And his intentions are massive new amounts of debt, higher tax returns to pay for it (ostensibly), more and more regulations on business."


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