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Rove, Ryan Say It's Too Late for a New Candidate
RUSH: By the way, Paul Ryan is the latest Republican to come out and say it's too late to come up with a new candidate. Karl Rove says, if you think that we can come up with a new candidate now, you are living on Pluto. A number of Republicans are saying this notion that if Romney doesn't get it, that we could find somebody else at the convention? Ah, ah, ah, ah. Can't happen.

From Ski Vacation, Moochelle Tweets Tribute to Husband
RUSH: The views expressed by the host on this program are documented to be almost always right 99.7% of the time. Nobody's even close, and nobody ever will be. And you are tuned to the most listened to radio talk show in the country. Happy to be here, folks, on Presidents Day, while Moochelle Obama is using Twitter to wish a happy Presidents Day, quote, "To my personal favorite: Barack Obama!" She's wishing happy Presidents Day to her husband via Twitter while she is in Vail on a ski trip with the kids, while Barack is no doubt taking advantage of the opportunity. He's probably eating pizza and burgers and other forbidden fruit actually in the White House. With Michelle gone, he doesn't have to go to some burger joint in Arlington. He can have it right there!

Obama Loses Five Approval Points in Week
RUSH: Story from PJ Tatler: "Gallup: Obama has Lost Five Approval Points in a Week -- High gas prices to blame?" One of the most underreported news items last week was this Gallup poll where Obama's down to 43%. Keep in mind this was after that humdinger winner of a week with contraception being made the big issue and all the other wonderful things that Obama pulled off last week, and he plummeted. He lost five points in the Gallup approval poll. And so the story in the PJ Tatler asks: "What's happened in the past week? One, we've seen what looks like the start of an early gas price spike, at a time when the president is visibly militating against the XL Pipeline.

"A majority supports building the [Keystone pipeline]," and Obama says: NO. "To the extent that the public is aware that Obama's spurning of the Canadian [oil] has driven our ally into the arms of the Chi[Coms], can't be helping him. ... The president has also released a budget, but everyone knows that it's already DOA in Congress." You know what that budget is? That budget is a blueprint. That budget is his dream. That budget is exactly what he will do if given the chance. It may be DOA as a piece of legislation, but it's very alive in terms of what Obama's inventions are. And his intentions are massive new amounts of debt, higher tax returns to pay for it (ostensibly), more and more regulations on business.

It is a blueprint for forever transforming this nation into something unrecognizable as recently as four or five years ago. He's now spent all that time last week on abortion, all that time shoring himself up (or trying to shore himself up) with the Democrat base. But it isn't working. Let's go to the audio sound bites and let's just jump feet first into this Santorum business. I want to start actually with Friday night's Hardball. Chris Matthews had the editor-at-large from Salon.com, Joan Walsh, as a guest. And they were talking about Obama's decision that insurance companies pay for contraception coverage for employees of religious-based businesses.

That's what happened at the same time Obama's approval numbers were plummeting. Now, you're gonna be hearing something that isn't true in this bite. They cite a poll that shows 66% support of Obama's federal requirement that private insurance plans cover the full cost of birth control. No. The vast majority of polls say it's 50-50. It's not a 66-34 issue. It's not an 80-20 issue. More and more people are considering that the president doesn't have the authority to unilaterally just dictate this! Don't doubt me, folks. There are more and more people starting to actually become alarmed (and they are independents) at the brazen, naked power grabs that Obama is making. And the White House, the Democrat Party are living under age-old assumptions that the independents hate values.

Speaking of that, I think it was the midterms in 2002. In fact, I'm sure of it. It couldn't have been 2006 'cause that's when we lost. Yeah! Yeah, yeah. Yeah, it was the midterms of 2002, 'cause I was a guest with Brokaw and Russert on their NBC election night coverage. That's right. 2002. Remember after the 2002 midterms, there were many surprises. The Republicans did exceptionally well. The conventional wisdom is that the first midterm after a new president's election, his party loses seats. That is a standard operating procedure, conventional wisdom bit. And it didn't happen in 2002. Furthermore, the exit polls sent shock waves through the political establishment. Things that had never come up as issues per se, mattered greatly to people as expressed in the exit polls.

One of the things... You'll remember this when I remind you. One of the glaring things that showed up in the exit polls was how much "values" mattered to voters. And we were all surprised. And I'll never forget the Democrats. Immediately upon the delivery of the exit polls, the Democrats (for a week or two) were publicly were saying, "Yeah, we're gonna have to get our house in order on the values. The values-based voters, we're not giving 'em enough. We're gonna have to make some adjustments." I remember it like it was yesterday. And all that is, when you hear "values-based voters," is we're simply talking about social issues, social conservatives. They were the primary reason for the 2002 midterms success, and Democrats gave the usual lip service for a couple of weeks.

And then, of course, they abandoned it because they never meant it in the first place. I bring it up just to reaffirm the point that Jeffrey Bell makes in his recent book that social conservatism has led to victory in presidential elections. It's the dirty little secret the Democrats know and the media know, and it's why the social conservatives (one of the reasons why) are so despised. They're also despised on principle. But they're also despised because there are so many of them, and they're thought to be hick, hayseed idiots who believe every syllable in the Bible, "And how stupid can that be?" in their minds. And they vote Republican, and they're anti-abortion. Oh, every ingredient necessary for a liberal Democrat to hate somebody, the social conservatives have -- and they joyously, happily propose it and vote it.

And the Democrats know full well. Why do you think...? Why do you think Obama and the Democrats all of a sudden try to concoct this contraception issue? 'Cause they're losing the independents! They believe, from the age-old pages of their playbook, that if they can revive this notion that the Republican Party is nothing but a bunch of theologians that want to dictate from the pulpit in the White House, that they can scare the independents back to Obama's camp. They know they can't attract 'em with economic issues. They know they can't attract the independents back by being positive about Obama's record, 'cause there isn't anything there to be positive about. They know that social issues are a winner for the Republican Party. 

Obama Campaign to Hold House Parties for Women
RUSH: By the way, in case you have not been convinced that all of this going on with contraception and scaring people about abortion was not planned by the Democrats and Obama, somebody just tweeted in Obama's name from the White House the following message:  "Join women in your community to build support for the president.  Attend a women 2012 house party on February 22nd."  So the White House is putting together women 2012 house parties on Wednesday.  They just sent out the tweet.  Hubba hubba.

Creative Unemployed Declare Themselves Disabled
RUSH: I shoulda thought of this one myself, by the way. Being unemployed for too long, longer than unemployment benefits last, has led to a whole bunch of creativity out there. "The New York Post reported Sunday that as unemployment checks run out, many jobless are trying to gain government benefits by declaring themselves unhealthy. More than 10.5 million people -- about 5.3% of the population aged 25 and 64 -- received disability checks in January from the federal government, the Post wrote, a 18% jump from before the recession." So the creative unemployed are simply saying, "Hey, I'm disabled," and they're getting substitute unemployment checks in that regard.

Fascinating Supreme Court Case on Phony Soldier
RUSH: The Supreme Court has a fascinating case that they will be reviewing soon.  From the Fox News website: "Xavier Alvarez was in good company when he stood up at a public meeting and called himself a wounded war veteran who had received the top military award, the Medal of Honor." The problem was Alvarez was "lying about his medal.  He was lying about his wounds. He was lying about his military service.  But he wasn't the first man to invent war exploits."  Do you remember the phony soldier guy and the Harry Reid letter? 

Well, Alvarez was "one of the first people prosecuted under a 2006 federal law aimed at curbing false claims of military valor."  This case is now before the Supreme Court.  "Concerns that the law improperly limits speech and turns people into criminals for things they say, rather than do, are at the heart of the Supreme Court's review of his case and the Stolen Valor Act.  Veterans groups have come to the aid of the Obama administration, which calls the law a narrowly crafted effort to protect the system of military awards that was established during the Revolutionary war by Gen. George Washington.

"The high court will hear the case Wednesday, which is Washington's 280th birthday.  'They're committing fraud. They're impersonating somebody else. They take on attributes of somebody else, attributes of a hero who served honorably,' said Pam Sterner, whose college term paper calling for the law wound up in the hands of members of Congress. 'When you do that, impersonating someone else, that's fraud, not freedom of speech.'
Civil liberties groups, writers, publishers and news media outlets, including The Associated Press, have told the justices they worry the law, and especially the administration's defense of it, could lead to more attempts by government to regulate speech."

Really?  AP is worried that the regime wants to regulate speech all of a sudden.  Still, this is why -- my dad once told me, he was a lawyer, that's why I know the law -- and my dad once told me, this is why you need incredible people, really top shelf people as judges, something like this comes along.  I mean this is not an easy call.  Freedom of speech is not absolute, as we know, but to narrow it to this, because once this is codified, you can't impersonate a military hero.  Well, who next could you not impersonate that thought they were filled with valor as well in whatever field.  This is gonna be fascinating to watch.  (interruption) What?  Well, yes, in politics you can lie every day.  Political speech was what the First Amendment first dealt with, that you can lie all day long in politics.  That was the point of the First Amendment. (interruption) Well, perjury, but that's under oath, that's in court.  These guys are just out there on the stump trying to collect money proclaiming to be people they're not.  This is why it's gonna be interesting to watch. 

I Didn’t “Spearhead” Operation Chaos, I Invented It!
RUSH: And get this from Cleveland.com, the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Snerdley sent me this over the weekend. "It was called 'Operation Chaos' in 2008, a strategy among some Republicans to switch parties and disrupt Democratic primaries by voting for Hillary Clinton instead of Barack Obama. Obama was the frontrunner and -- the logic went -- a vote for Clinton would string out the Democratic nomination process and disrupt Obama’s campaign. Now, with President Obama entrenched as the Democratic presidential nominee, Republicans face the prospect of meddling 'crossover' voters," from the Democrat side.

"But such a threat has not emerged here as the March 6 presidential primary nears, even though Ohioans generally can vote in whichever primary they choose, regardless of their party affiliation. Ohio GOP officials recalled the 2008 primary election tactic, spearheaded by talk show host Rush Limbaugh..." I didn't "spearhead" it. Nobody "spearheaded" it. I created it! "Spearheaded" means it was assigned to me, and I carried it out. No way! I invented Operation Chaos, much to the consternation of the Republican Party. (impression) "This is unseemly meddling! This is bad. We would never met in presidential politics," even though it was going on left and right before we gave it a name.


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