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Some of the topics we're loaded with today: Unemployment Rises to 9% In February || Obama Peddles Modest American Dream || For Boomers, It's a New Era of "Work 'Til You Drop"  || Romney Barely Tops Santorum in AZ || A Bill of Rights for Dolphins

Morning Update: Could He?

“As Rick Santorum Campaigns on Faith, Family Issues, Could He Alienate Moderates?” That’s an actual headline from Monday’s Detroit Free Press. Let me suggest a few alternate headlines regarding our incumbent President.

Santorum and the Double Standard

RUSH: Bill McGurn, full disclosure, is a friend of mine. He writes at the Wall Street Journal, and this piece is an unexpected surprise.  It's unexpected in that it is rare that anyone is advising a principled conservative like Santorum to basically continue to be who he is, be himself.


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