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 "Do the Obamas know how to party or do they know how to party? Oh, man. You get called off the ski slopes in Aspen to come back for a blues concert. Mick Jagger sang a couple songs. You know what I wish? I wish he would have sung Sympathy for the Devil, what with all this talk of Satan out there. But he didn't sing Sympathy for the Devil. I also would have loved for him to sing Brown Sugar just to irritate Moochelle, 'cause she doesn't like sugar."

"Aren't we constantly told that we must always respect people for their religious beliefs? Or does that only apply to Democrats and Muslims?"

"Things haven't changed, in terms of who the opposition is. What's changed is how the Republican Party is seemingly forgotten how to defeat them."

"The news media and the rest of the Democrat Party are telling us that the Republican Party's gotten too extreme. Of course, that's really nothing new. That's something that happens every day."

"The Democrats can be as mean-spirited and extremist as they want, and they never lose independents. But the Republicans, so goes the theory, always will. So it's a trick to get us to shut up and not fight for our beliefs and not defend ourselves."

"I have to laugh about the idea of candidates believing in good and evil when I think about some of the recent Democrats for office, John Edwards, the Clintons, the Kennedys."

"Of the two men, Rick Santorum and Barack Obama, there's only one that is a threat to religious liberty. Who do you think that is?"

"Reagan did not mention Satan in his 1983 speech, but you heard that he did mention Screwtape. Screwtape is not quite Satan, but nevertheless a demon holds an administrative post in the bureaucracy of hell."

"If it involves work, I don't want to go to New York, plain and simple."

"At the end of all of this, if Romney, Santorum, or Newt wins, Obama is going to become the new focus of all the energy on the Republican side."

"DSK said that he didn't know he was sleeping with prostitutes because the women were all naked at the time. They didn't have on the uniform, which is what? What's the uniform?"

"Socialists set up rules for themselves that don't apply to anybody else. They exempt themselves from all the other rules. They run around and use other people's money, which is what old DSK was doing."

"Obama, by the way, has announced what he's claiming to be is a corporate tax cut. His corporate tax cut will actually raise taxes on businesses by $250 billion. He's cutting the rate to 28% but he's making other changes that will actually result in businesses paying more money."

"Many of the deductions that were eliminated in 1986 have not come back. There aren't that many deductions to limit anymore anyway. The 1% already have much greater limits on what they can deduct than existed even back in 1986."

"I'm just a stickler for language, words, and how the whole thing ends up being sold. It's accepting a premise that somehow certain Americans have to be punished. And if we don't say that certain Americans are gonna be punished, then somehow we're not gonna be able to win elections."

"If you have a stuffed up nose, light up a cigar. It's better than any antihistamine you could use."

"The timid fear another 1964; the brave hope for another 1980. And that's where we are."


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