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Pearls of Wisdom

 "Abortion is the killer, not the Republican Party. Obama is the guy who supports infanticide, not us. The American mainstream culture has not yet gone to hell."

"We need a pond scum czar, and that means we need somebody slimy. I think Obama could probably find a lot of slimy people to be pond scum czar. Bill Maher would fit the bill."

"Honestly, when I hear some of these high-ranking Republicans discuss what this campaign is, sometimes I wonder if they really have a grasp on what's happening, at least in the minds of Republican voters."

"This country was propelled by rugged individualism, rugged self-interest. It was made possible by virtue of the freedom this country offers its citizens thanks to our Constitution, founding documents, and Founding Fathers."

"Obama wants you to think that everybody that he deems 'successful' is first thinking of government and then, second, thinking of government, and then the last thing they think of is government, and everything they do is oriented toward making the government better. And that isn't true."

"Act of Valor is not a documentary. It's not a training film, it's an action movie. Think the Bourne Identity series, except with a much better story and absolutely real people in real life roles."

"All polls, as we've discussed on this program countless times, have bias. They are all rigged in one way or another from the percentages of each party as samples. For example, Democrats are always over sampled in every Drive-By Media poll. Independents are always over sampled. Republicans are always under sampled. I mean there's rigging in practically every poll that's out there."

"Republicans are saying, 'We've got to stop talking about this abortion stuff. We gotta stop talking about contraception.' It is the Democrats who are obsessed with this stuff! Why can't our people go on offense? Why can't our people say, 'It's the Democrats who are obsessed with all of these social issues'?"

"A lot of people, they're prisoners to what other people think. In fact, a lot of people lead their lives based on what they think others think and based on what they want others to think. Rather than how they think about themselves."

"I'm gonna put a restriction on Open Line Friday, which we hardly ever do. No more discussion of contraception. No more discussion of abortion. I will not mention anymore that Obama believed in infanticide. Because it makes you so nervous."

"I will not discuss how Obama is violating the First Amendment and taking away religious liberty. We will not discuss abortion, we will not discuss contraception. We will not discuss abortifacients in any way. We just will not do it. Too many of you people are getting nervous and thinking that I am leading the party down to certain doom and defeat."

"For 30 years we have been suggesting drill, baby, drill and it's, no, it's not gonna take effect for three to five years, it's not an immediate fix. Imagine 30 years ago if we woulda just started new drilling, new exploration, where we would be today. And where are we? We're listening to the president of the United States actually tell us that our salvation, the answer to six-dollar-a-gallon gasoline, is freaking pond scum."

"Every time I'm on a golf course, still waters on the lake, I see pond scum. It's floating but it's not even moving, it's so gunky and thick. And I didn't have the slightest idea that I was looking at the new source of American wealth and the new source of America's energy independence. I hadn't the slightest idea."

"What's good for America is bad for you and your party. And what's bad for America is good for you and your party. That's where the Democrat Party is positioned. They are the ones that run around and celebrate bad news."


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