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"Why are we so afraid of the media? Let's attack the media then for bringing up the 'social issues'! If it's the media's fault, let's all join an attack on them. They're the ones trying to derail this Republican primary campaign -- all for Obama."

"The real crossing of that line is not occurring with Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney, Gingrich, me, or anybody else. It's happening with Barack Obama. The Democrats and the media, they're the ones blurring the line."

"The Founding Fathers didn't want there to be a religious test for federal public office. There was not to be a state religion, and that's what the Constitution said. What we have now, ironically, practically is a religious test. You cannot be religious and hold public office. You cannot be Christian or pro-life and hold public office."

"Senator Schumer tells Clinton to pressure Saudis to pump more oil? He wants more oil? Then how come this regime vetoes the Keystone pipeline and has a drilling moratorium in the Gulf of Mexico and makes fun of/mocks the concept of producing more oil in the United States?"

"In their hearts and minds, Obama and the left are LOVING gas prices go up. They just can't say so. But they love it. And that's why there's not a huge effort to bring them down."

"The Democrats have spent years ginning up hatred for every private sector industry they can, except education. But drugs, pharmaceuticals, oil, retail, you name it, they're hated and despised. They kill their customers. They gouge their customers. They don't care about their customers."

"Who started the war on religion in the public sector? Who started all this? Who are the real bigots? Who are the people trying to deny people religious freedom? Let this come up in a debate. Let it come up! I don't know why people have to be afraid of it. I know that I, El Rushbo, am not."

"When Barack Obama tells the Catholic Church or its schools that it must make free contraceptives available, that's a violation of the First Amendment. He cannot do it. He is violating the precious separation of church and state. And when he does it he's never asked about it, is he?"

"Let me tell you who's playing God, Obama. He thinks he's God, and he has been acting this way since the campaign started in 2007 or 2008."

"This whole separation of church and state thing has been entirely manufactured and made up. The phrase is not even in the Constitution."

"If anybody is bastardizing the US Constitution, it's the Democrat Party. It is not the Republican presidential candidates. It certainly is not I, the harmless, lovable little fuzzball, El Rushbo."

"Conserving is not growth, and growth is what our economy needs. Growth and supply, growth in expansion, demand, all these things, that's what this country and this economy needs. We can't conserve our way to growth of anything."

"The bottom line is that Santorum and Romney and Newt are talking about everything. They're not singularly focused on any one thing, social issues or economic issues or what have you."

"Danica Patrick, the Indy car driver said, 'I leave it up to the government to make good decisions for America.' She was talking about Obama mandating that the Catholic Church provide contraception. What do you expect from a woman driver? I don't know why everybody is so shocked."

"Democrats want to convince us that personal responsibility is something the government ought to do for us. Do they not?"

"If the Republican Party is dying, I have nothing to do with it. I don't run 'em."

"People don't want to say that they're anti-abortion in public. They're afraid of what's gonna happen to them because the culture has been created by the media to believe that they're in a minority."


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