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Bronx Residents Upset over Vodka Billboard
RUSH: New York Daily News: Bronx community leaders are upset with a billboard selling vodka. It "greets drivers near an area once synonymous with prostitution." The billboard names the vodka, and the line on the billboard is: "Escort Quality, Hooker Pricing." The Bronx community leaders are not happy about this. "Bronx’s Community Board 2, who have been battling for a decade to revamp Hunts Points reputation as a place to pick up hookers. 'When I saw it I almost fell out of my seat,' said Rafael Salamanca Jr., district manager for CB 2. 'That's an inappropriate billboard given what the Hunts Point community has gone through in the past.' The creators of the ad stood by it, but said they’d be responsive to feedback." So you got a picture of a lamb wearing a cowboy hat, a bottle of vodka: "Escort Quality, Hooker Pricing," in Hunts Point in the Bronx.

It's obviously working.

The population there, the citizens, the residents obviously get the meaning of it.

Dem Govs Meet with Obama to Go Around Congress
RUSH: From TheHill.com. Look at this headline: "Democrat Governors Discuss Bypassing Congress with Obama -- -- President Obama met with a group of Democratic governors on Friday and discussed plans to work around Congress toward policy goals. Gov. Jack Markell, the Democratic governor of Delaware and the vice chairman of the National Governors Association, told The Hill that the meeting was 'very good' and said many of the governors were responsive to ideas about bypassing Congress." Now, this doesn't mean legally bypassing Congress. This means autocratically bypassing Congress.

Markel said, "There was a sense that none of us should wait. We can't wait for things to happen in Congress. We're going to do what we can do [now]." Now, if you think that this is just normal, remember the old governor of North Carolina that's quitting. What was her name, Dumplin'? Bev Perdue suggested suspending the 2012 congressional elections. Let's just not have 'em so that the members of Congress wouldn't have to worry about raising funds and running for reelection, and so they won't have to worry about voting against their own interests. And when there was an outcry, she said, "I was just kidding. Come on, lighten up!"

So everybody went back to the audiotape and listened to it again and she wasn't kidding. Now, as a result of that some other things Beverly Perdue has said she not running for governor, not running for reelection. Which apparently the regime didn't know. She didn't clear it with them. The Democrat convention's in North Carolina and she's announced she's not running for reelection. And the regime is livid. So apparently the White House is sending streams of people into North Carolina. They're afraid of losing in 2012. They're actually afraid of losing it. So as an satisfied to you people in North Carolina: You've got traffic jams from now 'til December.

You're not gonna be able to look anywhere without noticing some interlopers from the Democrat Party in there trying to save the state for themselves. So, anyway, she suggests canceling congressional elections. Now these guys say (summarized), "Okay, we can't do that, so let's just pretend they're not there. Let's just govern without 'em," and that's what Obama and the Democrat governors got together to discuss. "Obama has positioned himself against Congress as he runs for reelection, arguing lawmakers are failing to solve the country's problems. 'Where Congress won’t act, I will,' he said in October..." The Delaware governor "said the conversation with Obama did not dwell on Republican opposition to the president’s legislative proposals.

"The tone of the meeting was positive, Markell said, and the governors agreed that the Obama administration has been 'terrifically responsive' to their state governments. The Democratic governors discussed the three major job goals from Obama’s State of the Union address: building manufacturing, training workers and increasing American-made energy. 'We had a great conversation very focused, not surprisingly, on jobs,' Markell said, calling jobs the 'biggest issue for all of us in the room, no matter where we come from.'" He said the discussion with Obama steered clear of legislation. They're talking about how they can just rule, not govern. That's what the meeting was about: How can they get this stuff done in an election year over the heads of Congress?

Why do you think these Democrat governors are meeting with Obama?  They remember 2010! They are scared to death what's coming in November.  These Democrat governors meeting with Obama to figure out how they can get things done without using Congress, they are scared to death.  It's an election year for these people.  They see what happened to Dumplin'.  They see what happened to Democrats, 700 of them all over the country on the ballot in 2010.  These guys are scared! Look, I'm not the one with the problem here.  Remember the story we had from a couple of months ago?  You show the American flag and people think "Republican."

Meryl Streep's Iron Lady Speech
RUSH: Snerdley wants to know if I'm gonna watch Iron Lady, the Meryl Streep movie. She won the best actress award for it last night. She said something very curious last night, by the way, that nobody commented on immediately (and I haven't paid any attention since). They talked a lot about other things she said in her acceptance. For example, she stood up there and said (paraphrased), "Half of America is saying, 'Oh, not her again!'" because she's got 17 nominations. I was shocked to learn her last Oscar was 1982.

I read that, and that still sounds unreal. I guess that was Sophie's Choice, but I thought she'd won best actress or best supporting actress since then. Anyway, she said that it was the last time she'll be on the stage. I don't know if she's making a joke the last time they remember gonna have it in that building or what. What else could she have meant by "the last time"? Is she retiring? I can't believe that. So I thought that was really intriguing. This is the last time I will be here? She moving? Remember, Meryl Streep, "What are we doing to our children?" She perpetrated that phony Alar scare. (interruption) Is that what it is? She thinks she's too old to get good acting roles?

Anyway, your question about the Iron Lady. See, I know the real thing. I have spent a lot of time with Lady Thatcher. I have driven Lady Thatcher around a golf course, and that was one of the most fun things I've ever done. While guys are playing golf, she wanted to see the course. It was Eagle Springs out in Eagle, Colorado, near Vail. And some mutual friends were staying at their place and she wanted to go see the golf course. So she's dressed to the nines, as she always was, in a dress. We got in the golf cart and started tooling around, and etiquette and protocol is you stop when somebody is preparing a shot, either tee off or make a putt or what have you. So that you don't extract them.

And every time we'd stop, of course, is because there was somebody nearby. And the number of double-takes! I don't know how many people threw their necks out of joint that day doing double-takes. "Is that Margaret Thatcher?" And it was, being driven around the golf course. The only thing I can tell you, Snerdley, is that Joel Surnow saw it and liked it, and he thought that it was good. On the other hand, I read a number of reviews in British newspapers. Well, reviews, but not from movie critics. From people, former members of her administration, former opponents in the Labor Party, and there was a theme in all of those.

And that was that parts of it were grotesque in the way they portrayed her later years as basically a vegetable. "Grotesque" was a word I read often in some of these people's descriptions of the way Margaret Thatcher was portrayed. But when I get around to it, I'll watch it, and I'll tell you. I've got the DVD over there. I just haven't watched. And, by the way, that came in early. That's a Weinstein movie that somehow I got it. They sent me a copy. So I've got it. I just haven't had a chance to watch it. Act of Valor, I don't know. I couldn't wait to pop it in the DVD and watch the thing.

Danica Patrick: Trust Government to Do What's Right
RUSH: Danica Patrick was talking to a reporterette, Michelle Fields. I guess it was Daytona, somewhere there was a NASCAR event, and Danica Patrick said, "I leave it up for the government to make good decisions for Americans." Now, this was about the recent mandate of the Catholic Church providing contraceptive devices and so forth. Danica Patrick was talking about Obama's contraception ruling. She was not speaking in general, although it applies generally. She said, "I leave it up to the government to make good decisions for America." She was talking about Obama mandating that the Catholic Church provide contraception. (sigh) What do you expect from a woman driver? I don't know why everybody is so shocked. But I'm gonna tell you: Her answer sums up the Democrat mind-set perfectly. Democrats want to convince us that personal responsibility is something the government ought to do for us. Do they not? Man, she's the perfect puppet! She is the ideal perfect puppet with that answer.

Obama Campaign Tries Intimidation to Boost Fundraising
RUSH: "Obama Campaign Tries Intimidation to Boost Fundraising." This is from one of Andrew Breitbart's websites. It's from BigGovernment.com, by Mike Flynn. "Despite the herculean efforts of the national media, President Obama’s reelection campaign continues to fall short of its groundbreaking 'Hope and Change' campaign in 2008."

Despite the Herculean efforts of the national media, Obama's reelection campaign continues to fall short of its groundbreaking Hope and Change campaign in 2008. In January Obama fundraising actually fell below the level raised in January of '08. So what's happened here, the regime has sent out intimidating fundraiser letters to people who have previously donated but haven't again. So Obama has gone from inspirational platitudes to intimidating guilt bombs! Here's an excerpt from the latest fundraising letter. "But according to our records, you haven’t yet made an online donation to this campaign at this email address. ... The kind of organization we all decided to be a part of only works if people like you pitch in to build it."

So they're disappointed that they don't have repeat fundraisers, and they're sending out intimidating e-mails to people to try to guilt them into donating. This is the same group of people hiring 16,000 IRS agents to enforce Obamacare, the mandate to buy health insurance. It's the same group that's setting up death panels to ration health care, the same people who are suing states like Arizona over immigration laws. The same people who are warning Israel not to defend itself. The people who shut down drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and promised to drive up electricity prices. It's the same group who take lunches away from little girls and tell her what she can't eat, the same people who inspect these little girls' lunches in kindergarten and then tell 'em their mommies don't know what's good for them.

These are the same people sending out intimidating fundraising letters to their own donors? "But according to our records, you haven’t yet made an online donation to this campaign at this email address. ... The kind of organization we all decided to be a part of only works if people like you pitch in to build it." The message is clear here: We're tracking you, we know who you are, and we know that you're not giving us money -- and that had better change!

Koch Brothers Fight Back Against Smears
RUSH: Another fundraising letter was sent out bring the Obama campaign. It was signed by one of the campaign strategerists named Jim Messina. This letter was an attack on the Koch brothers, Charles and David Koch of Koch Industries. Well, people at Koch Industries (it's K-o-c-h, by the way) have fought back.

They were slimed, they were slandered, they were libeled in this letter. They were could you find of all kinds of things that are not true in this fundraising letter. But they are fighting back. Their lobbyist, a guy named Philip Ellender -- president, government affairs at Koch companies (that's basically their lobbyist) -- wrote a letter. "Dear Mr. Messina: Because every American has the right to take part in the public discourse on matters that affect the future of our country, I feel compelled to respond directly about a fundraising letter you sent out on February 24 denouncing Koch. It is both surprising and disappointing that the President would allow his re-election team to send such an irresponsible and misleading letter to his supporters.

"For example, it is false that our 'business model is to make millions by jacking up prices at the pump.' Our business vision begins and ends with value creation -- real, long-term value for customers and for society. We own no gasoline stations and the part of our business you allude to, oil and gas refining, actually lowers the price of gasoline by increasing supply. Either you simply misunderstand the way commodities markets work or you are misleading your supporters and the rest of the American people." Now, this is the kind of stuff that we ask Republicans to do. Just fight back against these lies! So Jim Messina, this punk at the Obama reelection campaign, sends out a fundraising letter.

He claims the Koch brothers have a "business model [designed] to make millions by jacking up prices at the pump," and they don't even own a gas station! They're in the oil and gas services industry. They go out and discover it! They drill it. They add to the supply. They end up keeping prices down. The letter went on: "Contrary to your assertion that we have 'committed $200 million to try to destroy President Obama,' we have stated publicly and repeatedly since last November that we have never made any such claim or pledge. It is hard to imagine that [your] campaign is unaware of our publicly stated position on that point. Similarly, Americans for Prosperity is not simply 'funded by the Koch brothers,' as you state -- rather it has tens of thousands of members and contributors from across the country and from all walks of life.

"Further, our opposition to this President’s policies is not based on partisan politics but on principles. Charles Koch and David Koch have been outspoken advocates of the free-market for over 50 years and they have consistently opposed policies that frustrate or subvert free markets, regardless of whether a Democrat or a Republican was President. 

"If the President’s campaign has some principled disagreement with the arguments we are making publicly about the staggering debt the President and previous administrations have imposed on the country, the regulations that are stifling business growth and innovation, the increasing intrusion of government into nearly every aspect of American life, we would be eager to hear them. But it is an abuse of the President’s position and does a disservice to our nation for the President and his campaign to criticize private citizens simply for the act of engaging in their constitutional right of free speech about important matters of public policy. The implication in that sort of attack is obvious: dare to criticize the President’s policies and you will be singled out and personally maligned by the President and his campaign in an effort to chill free speech and squelch dissent.
"This is not the first time that the President and his Administration have engaged in this sort of disturbing behavior. As far back as August, 2010, Austan Goolsbee, then the President’s chief economic advisor, made public comments concerning Koch’s tax status and falsely stated that the company did not pay income tax, which triggered a federal investigation into Mr. Goolsbee’s conduct that potentially implicated federal law against improper disclosure of taxpayer information. Last June, your colleagues sent fundraising letters disparaging us as 'plotting oil men' bent on 'misleading people' with 'disinformation' in order to 'smear' the President’s record. Those accusations were baseless and were made at the very same time the president was publicly calling for a more 'civil conversation' in the country.
"It is understandable that the President and his campaign may be 'tired of hearing' that many Americans would rather not see the president re-elected. However, the inference is that you would prefer that citizens who disagree with the President and his policies refrain from voicing their own viewpoint. Clearly, that’s not the way a free society should operate.  We agree with the President that civil discourse is an American strength. That is why it is troubling to see a national political campaign apparently target individual citizens and private companies for some perceived political advantage. I also hope the President will reflect on how the approach the campaign is using is at odds with our national values and the constitutional right to free speech."

This is a devastating letter in response to a bunch of false allegations in an Obama fundraising letter sent out by Jim Messina targeting Charles and David Koch of Koch Industries.  This is how you do it.  Now, I don't know how widespread the letter is.  It's Philip Ellender, the president of Government & Public Affairs at Koch Companies Public Sector LLC, but this is how you do it.  And this is what Obama's not used to.  The Republicans in the House don't fight back like this.  The Republicans in the Senate don't fight back like this.  The GOP, the RNC, they don't fight back like this.  Obama's not used to this. 


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