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Pearls of Wisdom

"People get into the business for a number of reasons. Andrew Breitbart's was to effect change."

"You're reminded once again, and it's become a cliche but it's worth mentioning.  You only get one life, and most people don't get as much out of it as they could.  Human nature.  And one of the reasons that most people don't get the most out of their lives that they can is because they can't stop thinking about themselves." 

"Folks, I want you to e-mail Darrell Issa and ask him to renounce Elijah Cummings for being so ignorant or just for manufacturing a phony issue. Because Cummings has sent a letter and all the other Democrats on Issa's committee asking him to renounce me."

"Wouldn't you think that real life journalists would applaud Breitbart's efforts to expose government corruption and media bias? I mean, what does the media claim to exist to do? To hold the powerful accountable! 'Speak truth to power,' is that the phrase? Well, the mainstream media has become part of the power. When that power is held by the Democrat Party, the mainstream media covers up the corruption. He was exposing it."

"At least I didn't call her 'a woman driver,' and I'll tell you this, you people on the left: I'll happily buy her all the aspirin she wants. Snerdley, you would agree. We would happily buy Sandra Fluke all the aspirin she wants."

"I'm offering a compromise today. I will buy all of the women at Georgetown University as much aspirin to put between their knees as they want."

"The poor babes have to buy their own pills.  What has gone wrong with our country?  What has happened to our country where law students have to buy their own contraceptives?  What have we done with our hearts?  How did we become so cruel? Require each other to pay for the contraceptions of the women law students at Georgetown?"

"You know what the solution is here, why doesn't Georgetown lower their tuition? Tuition and  room and board is 60 grand a year, and this woman's up at Congress asking for thousands of dollars in birth control pills. This law school, they need to establish a new scholarship, the Wilt Chamberlain Scholarship, exclusively for women." 

"If this is where the left wants to fight the battle of government-run health care, then this is where it should be fought, and that's what they're doing.  This whole episode is to advance the premise of government-run health care, and notice the left is choosing contraception, not cancer, not heart disease, not diabetes.  They're choosing one-dollar condoms."

"We've learned that you can get a month's supply of birth control at Walmart (and the Democrats hate Walmart because there no union workers there). So one of the most economical places to get birth control is Walmart, and the left will not even use it."

"If you think birth control is expensive now, wait 'til it's free. When Obamacare fully kicks in. We are all being asked to pay for everyone's birth control pills."

"Why did she have to go to Georgetown?  Why didn't she go someplace else instead of trying to get them to change their religion?  If you ask me, this is part of the coordinated assault on the Catholic Church, and this little bomb is like a hand grenade with a timer that has just been waiting for the right political moment to be exploded."

"Remember, the media's trying to discourage you. The media wants you dispirited. They know that Obama is in trouble. So it's imperative that they discourage you and make you think Obama is inevitable. But there are more of us than there are of them."

"From Yahoo News. 'Incompetent People Too Ignorant to Know It.' Do you know people like that? Do you know incompetent people who have no clue how incompetent they are? I do, and this is the result of years of self-esteem teaching."

"As long as I'm here, it doesn't really matter where "here" is.  Rush Limbaugh, the sound of one man thinking."


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