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The Morning Joe Libs Acknowledge Virtual Economy
RUSH: There's polling data out. The Battleground Poll. The Battleground Poll is Ed Goeas and Celinda Lake. (Well, it used to be Ed Goeas. I'm assuming it's still Ed Goeas.) He's the Republican. She's the Democrat. They have a joint poll out there. It's highly reputed, and it is called the Battleground Poll. And there's a new Battleground Poll out showing that Romney beating Obama straight up. The left is beside themselves over this. New Battleground Poll shows Romney beating Obama. On MSNBC this morning the infamous Katty Kay, British reporter. (I think it was Katty Kay. I'm not quite sure. I think it was Katty Kay.)

She said that, in essence, the public perception on the economy differs from all the rosy virtual BS coming out of the White House. Just like Stan Greenberg's poll said that trying to create this virtual picture of an economy roaring back won't work because people don't live it, they don't sense it, they don't feel it. Then they said something very interesting. It doesn't mean anything now. The roundtable on Scarborough's show all started talking about when the jobs will come back. And they referenced Bush 41, George H. W. Bush who had a recession and a full year before the election in 1992, and it didn't help him. Now, why didn't it help him? Well, because if you were paying attention back in 1992, the Clinton campaign was: "The worst economy in the last 50 years."

So, now, finally the Drive-Bys admit that there was no recession in 1992, that the whole Clinton campaign was a bald-faced lie. I'm sure this is an inadvertent admission by these people. But the reason this came up is because they're thinking, "Okay, if the American people can be convinced that the economy is roaring back and the recession's over, then maybe it will help Obama." "Well, recession ended a year earlier, didn't help George H. W. Bush." Well, that's because you guys are out there lying about it!

Only 54% of Young Adults in America Have a Job
RUSH:  From ZeroHedge.com. "Only 54% of young adults in America have a job. That's the lowest it has been in 64 years, and it's 7% worse since Obama took office," and is another reason why they're not gonna be able to portray a roaring economic recovery. The question is this: these 54% of young adults who have a job, are they happy about it or are they mad? If they're mad about it, who are they mad at? And as bad as this number is it's worse for minorities. Do they ever ask themselves, why are these things worse under Obama? Do you think people that voted for Obama are asking themselves yet why are things worse under him?

Remember how he came into office. He came into office as The Messiah! He came in as the Great Unifier! He was going to get rid of all of these partisan divisions and all the anger and the rancor. Love for America was to be restored around the world! Everybody would lay down their arms. The politics of old was supposed to stay, the politics of the old. But everything has gotten worse, demonstrably. Sometimes by a factor of five it has gotten worse. Do you ever think the people that voted for Obama asked themselves: Why did they get worse under Obama? Or are they asking themselves, "What do I watch after The Daily Show?" Fifty-four percent of young adults in America have a job, down 7% since Obama took office.

GOP Slightly Ahead in Voting Enthusiasm
RUSH: From Gallup. This is another story that has the left in a tizzy. "By 54 to 45% Republicans, including independents who lean Republican, are more likely than Democrats and Democrat leaners to say they're more enthusiastic than usual about voting." That's a convoluted way of saying there's a lot more enthusiasm to vote on the Republican side than there is on the Democrat side. Remember, the media's trying to discourage you. The media wants you dispirited. They know that Obama is in trouble. So it's imperative that they discourage you and make you think Obama is inevitable. But there are more of us than there are of them. Their trick is to make us think that's not the case. Their objective every day is to make us think that we are the minority.

Bill Gates: Obama Supports Energy Tax
RUSH: From TheDailyCaller.com, a story by Nicholas Ballasy. "Microsoft co-founder and chairman Bill Gates said that President Barack Obama told him he supports a two percent national energy consumption tax, though the president said it likely could not be implemented because of gridlock in Congress. 'We certainly need a price on carbon,' Gates said at the Energy Innovation Summit in Washington on Tuesday." (chuckles) What? Where do these obviously smart people go to get so dumb? (interruption) Well, he dropped out of Harvard. Where do they go to get so ignorant? Energy prices are not high enough, Mr. Gates? Gasoline prices are not high enough?

The government wants to make good use of our money all the time, such good use? So Obama's rich friend, Warren Buffett, wants higher taxes. His other rich friend, Bill Gates, wants a 2% energy tax -- and Obama agrees with all of this. Higher income taxes, higher energy taxes, higher health care premiums. And we're supposed to pay for this babe's contraception at law school, in addition to everything else! We're not supposed to buy the wine. We're not supposed to buy the body oil, the KY jelly, or the candles. But we're supposed to buy the pills. What a convoluted, upside-down world and country the Democrats have us in.

Parents Outraged by KKK Chicken Tenders
RUSH:  Get this. This is from the BostonChannel.com. This form Methuen, is how it's spelled, Massachusetts. M-e-t-h-u-e-n. I don't care. Massachusetts. "Some local parents are outraged after a school menu boasted 'KKK Chicken Tenders' as one of next week's lunch specials for" little children. "KKK Chicken Tenders." (interruption) I don't know. It could well be the Robert Byrd School. That would be more likely to be in West Virginia. This is Massachusetts. "A Methuen parent, who asked not to be named, said the printed lunch menu that her daughter brought home from the Marsh Grammar School on Monday listed the chicken for March 9.

"She said her fourth-grade daughter asked her about the entree Monday night. '(My daughter said,) 'Mom, you know what's KKK chicken tenders?' And I said, 'What did you say to me?' she said." (child voice) I said, "Mommy, what are KKK chicken tenders?" So the parent, the mother called the school to complain about this. "[S]he was told by someone in the Nutrition Department that 'KKK Chicken' stood for 'Crispy, Crunchy Chicken,' and the C's had been swapped for K's." Do we really believe they can't spell "crispy crunchy chicken" with C's? The mother asked, "How are you going to address this concern?" The woman replied, "Well, we're not going to reprint a bunch of menus," the mother said. "She didn't even care. She was, 'Oh well. It's there. This is what it is, and this is what they're eating,"' and they're not changing the menu.  KKK chicken.

Beheadings Raise Doubts that Taliban has Changed
RUSH: How about this headline in the New York Times: "Beheadings Raise Doubts That Taliban Have Changed." (crumbling up the story) Really? (laughing) What a headline for the New York Times! "Beheadings Raise Doubts That Taliban Have Changed." (laughing) Who ever thought they had?


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