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 "Folks, this contraception business is evidence of the utter political and moral failure of their abortion push. They need a new plank to take the place of abortion because they've lost that argument. And that's what this is."

"What can I do to the women of America? Do I have the power to raise their taxes? I do not. Do I have the power to regulate their behavior? I do not. Do I have the power to make health care decisions for them? I do not. Do I have the power to withhold birth control pills from them? I do not. Do I have the power to audit their tax returns? I do not. Do I have the power to take their little four-year-old kindergarten student's lunch and throw it away and make 'em eat something else? I do not. Do I have the power to look into their personal life and leak the information to the media? I do not. Is there one bit of freedom that I can deny them?" -

"With no guardrail, and with no concern for the Constitution, Republican majorities in the House and Senate are no guarantee to stop Obama."

"You know, Obama is making recess appointments when there are no recesses! Nobody in the Senate is taking steps to stop him. We have laws against murder, but if we stop pursuing people who kill people, guess what's gonna happen?"

"If we win the Senate and hold the House, how do we stop Obama from loading the courts, specifically the Supreme Court, with wacko-radical leftists?"

"Republicans don't hate women, are not at war with women, and never have been. It's absolutely absurd."

"They want to blame me as being the person they should fear, when in fact the people doing all these things I just said I have no power to do, the Democrat Party is doing. That's who everybody's afraid of in this country."

"Where is it written that all of a sudden, if you want something and don't have the money for it, somebody else has to pay for it."

"'Shocking new research shows almost half of young women aged 18 to 25 would prefer to have large breasts than high intelligence,' in the UK. What do I think about that? Well, all I can tell you is that that would not be the case for me. It might be for you, Snerdley, but that would not be the case for me by any stretch."

"One thing that's patently obvious, is that when the left wants to pretend they have no sense of humor, they are excellent at it."

"A misogynist is a guy who hates women almost as much as women hate women, and I do not hate women. Why should gay people have to pay taxes to supply birth control for straight people, for the breeders? Where's the social justice in that?"

"Monica Lewinsky had her life destroyed by Bill Clinton and the media. But Sandra Fluke's on the right side of this issue with the media. So she's going to be fine."

"The president of the United States is personally directing attacks against private citizens who happen to disagree with him. The anger that's directed in this country at anybody other than Obama is misdirected."

"So what I'm doing and what I'm saying and how I'm reacting is 'reprehensible.' But it's not reprehensible for Obama to violate the Constitution. It's not reprehensible for Obama to impose his own morality on the Catholic Church and all of its schools and all of its hospitals. No, that's not reprehensible? To me it is. To me it's insulting and reprehensible."

"We do not use fructose in Two If By Tea. It's not in there! Two If By Tea has no fructose or corn syrup. You won't see any granules in there and you won't find any fructose. It ain't there."

"The one real threat to your freedom -- to your birth control pills, to your abortion, to whatever -- comes from the White House, from the Democrat Party, not from a guy on the radio who can't do anything about it. Obama apparently has an Enemies List."


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