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Some of the topics we're loaded with today: Obama: "Open Up Your Hearts and Your Minds" to Racialist Prof || Obama Pushes for Another $1 Billion in "Green" Tax Credits || Justice Department May Sue Apple || House: Barney Frank Banned from Speaking for Day || US Unemployment Up in February

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Happy International Women's Day... Homeless Couple Arrested for Public Sex... Axelrod: GOP Primary Hurts Our Fundraising... Doctor Claims Everything You've Heard About Cholesterol and Heart Disease is Wrong...The Energy Secretary Doesn't Own a Car... Sebelius Knows Nothing at Hearing... Obama Will Pay You $10K to Buy a Volt... Greenpeace Launches All-Out Assault on Apple...

An Independent for Santorum

CALLER:  My family is so independent, we voted for John Kerry. That's when we first saw Barack Obama. We did our homework on him, and he scared the holy livin' bejeebies out of us, but Rick Santorum is who we're backing because we need someone like him.


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