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Pearls of Wisdom

"We don't sponsor companies that help people cheat on their spouses. The Washington Post reported that today."

"If you can imagine life in America where the media was as equally accusatory, equally suspicious of Democrats as Republicans, we'd have an entirely different national mood and national landscape."

"The only real difference between the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Gallup is that Gallup does not make any so-called seasonal adjustments like the government does. The seasonal adjustment seems to be the government's secret sauce. Maybe that's the government's pink slime."

"Did you know that today, ladies and gentlemen, is International Women's Day? I will probably be accused of misogyny just for showing up to work on International Women's Day."

"The American people -- and the number is well over 50%, in some polls to get close to 60% -- want Obamacare repealed. A vast majority of the American people understand full well what life in this country will be the moment that thing is fully implemented. They know in their collective guts that it's a freedom-killer."

"The longer the primaries go on, the longer Romney will have to sound conservative. Maybe it will become a habit."

"How many of you are afraid to eat butter? I'm not. At all."

"Obama, who's still living in his idealistic youth in college when you have people in the faculty lounge and in the classroom living in utopia in their minds, speculating about how perfect life could be. They drum up and create all of these villains and all of these enemies, all of these demons that are getting in the way."

"Every green energy area that Obama has looked into has failed. It is corrupt. And the money that he has given it, federal tax dollars, much of it comes back to him in the form of campaign donations."

"There is enough oil in this country to run this country at current levels of usage for around 250 years, and the regime wants you to believe we've only got 20 billion barrels; we're gonna run out here in ten years or so."

"We are not running spots from this company that tells you how to cheat on your spouse, we never have, and when we find out that they're running on local stations, EIB affiliates, we call the affiliate and we ask them not to. Nor will we ever accept such advertising, because you are not jerks. You in this audience are among those who make this country work."

"There's a reason why this country's being penalized. There's a reason why this president wants to punish this country. For some reason he doesn't like it. He doesn't like it the way it was founded. He doesn't like it the way it's been operating since it was founded. It's time we found out what it's been like to live in the rest of the world because of how mean this country's been to other people."

"The bottom line is the more Obama talks about a robust economic recovery, the more people are scratching their heads because they're living it, and they don't see it. It isn't happening."

"No matter how you slice it, ladies and gentlemen, there are two million fewer jobs in this country since Obama took office, two million fewer jobs that you can get, two million fewer jobs to be filled."

"In political terms, getting Democrats on the record opposing the Keystone pipeline is the equivalent of an early Christmas present for Republicans."

"Obama says he 'won't rest until every American has a job' while he lobbies Democrat senators to make sure that tens of thousands of jobs are not created!"

"I've been doing this for 23 years. I think I've got enough evidence to know that no matter what I do, the left is focused on only one thing: getting rid of me."

"The people who are going to vote for Barack Obama need sympathy at the best. They need contempt at the worst. They are as much a problem, if not more so, than Obama is."

"We are losing this country, and sometimes that's what overtakes me, and that's what makes me mad. That's what causes me to make mistakes, I am so enraged by it, and I can no more explain people on the left than you can. All I know is, they have to be defeated."

"There is nothing President Obama has done that does not expand government's power and its control. Not a single thing. Everything he has done expands government power and government control. Every single thing. And that cannot be an accident."


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