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"Wherever you look on radio, television, and print, you would believe that we are sitting atop the greatest powder keg of an economic recovery that there ever has been. It is universal."

"Remember how the media fretted about all the problems of perception that President Bush faced? Right. We don't, either."

"There's a new normal here that's been defined, and this is it. Eight-point-one, 8.3 percent unemployment, that's the new normal. That's why we're celebrating. The new normal has to be defined in such a way by the media so that it is not in any way detrimental to Obama."

"All the people behind last weekend's effort ended up doing was focusing the attention on all of their people on the left who are constantly and every day in the gutter. They're not there by accident or by mistake, like I was for five minutes. They live there, and that's what's been made plain this week."

"The reason a story based on a virtual economic recovery won't work is because people are living in the economy. And they don't have jobs, and the jobs they're getting are not career jobs. A lot of the jobs that were added in this report are people taking second jobs."

"There was a Reuters report from yesterday: 'US Jobless Claims Rise, But Labor Market Healing -- More people applied for unemployment checks, but the labor market is healing.' Healing! Do you think you would ever get a definition like that of 'healing' with a Republican in the White House? 'Jobless Claims Rise; Country Going to Hell,' would be the headline if George W. Bush were in the Oval Office."

"There is another unemployment number for people who've looked so long they've given up. This number, 8.3%, the government calls the U3 number. But there is a number that is also reported called the U6. The U3 number is made up simply of people who are receiving unemployment checks who are actively looking for a job and can't find one."

"When Obama's stimulus bill passed there were 12.5 million unemployment persons. Obama spent over a trillion dollars to lose an additional 0.3 million jobs. That's almost as impressive as awarding $10 million to some outfit to create a 50-dollar light bulb."

"Even with all the manipulations of the workforce, the regime still has failed to stop the longest streak of eight-plus percent unemployment since the Great Depression."

"President Obama himself said: Pass this stimulus and we'll keep the unemployment rate under 8%. And yet, after more than three full years in office and spending Allah knows how many trillions of taxpayer dollars, we haven't gotten unemployment any lower than it was the first month he was in office: 8.3%."

"Everybody was happy with the Thomas Edison good old incandescent light bulb. Nobody was unhappy with it except Obama and his buddies on the left. And for some reason that light bulb of Thomas Edison's was going to destroy the planet, along with oil and any other sign of progress."

"The Democrats care about the little guy. That's standard operating procedure for the media. I think it's the exact opposite."

"Seventy-five percent of this country does not want four more years of this or another day of it! Don't doubt me."

"You hear the left talk about wanting a 'level playing field.' They don't want a level playing field. They don't want anybody on the playing field but them. Nothing level about it."

"You people are very lucky. You get to experience one of the greatest things in America, and that is listening to me on the radio. I never get to do that 'cause I am me on the radio."


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