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Another Electric Car Fail
RUSH: Have you heard about this new Tesla roadster? A $100,000 hybrid car. The Karma. It's a $100,000 hybrid car, high end. You can all afford a $100,000 car, right? This $100,000 hybrid electric car is being tested. It's in its moment of glory for Consumer Reports, and it just shuts down. It went kaput. It's $100,000. That's right. For the upper crust, the elites.

Here's the story: "A $100,000-plus Fisker Automotive luxury sports car died during Consumer Reports speed testing this week for reasons that are still unknown, leaving the struggling electric car startup with another blow to its image. 'It is a little disconcerting that you pay that amount of money for a car and it lasts basically 180 miles before going wrong,' David Champion, senior director for the magazine's automotive test center." Fisker Karma, the name of the car, good for 180 miles, and then you're on your own.

"In a statement, Fisker said it was assessing the source of the problem that caused its Karma plug-in hybrid to fail. Fisker dispatched two engineers Wednesday night to examine the car. Fisker has benefited from the publicity generated when actor Leonardo DiCaprio was handed the first Karma last summer and pop idol Justin Bieber received one as a gift this month." Oh, so they're giving these things away to actors. That's the marketing plan. Give 'em away. You will buy yours. The people who can already afford them will have them given to them.

MSNBC: 1-in-4 Kids Live in Households Struggling with Health Care
RUSH: MSNBC, in nothing more than an advertisement for Obama's reelection masquerading as news.  Headline:  "One in Four Kids Live in a Family Struggling with Health Care Bills."

No!  "When we think of the growing burden of paying for health care, we often think of older Americans struggling to pay for medicines and procedures that can become more prevalent as we age. But new data from the National Center for Health Statistics --" we have a center for that?  We have a whole center for health statistics?  Can you imagine what a fun place that place is to work, the National Center for Health statistics? 

New data from these people finds that children "who are 17 and under are the most likely of any age group they studied to be living in a family that has recently had trouble affording their medical bills."  Now, I know this might be news to the Obama regime, but we are in an economic recession here that was close to a depression.  There is joblessness. There is homelessness.  Homeless people are having sex on the green there up in Connecticut.  We don't know if they used contraceptives or not.  So you have people who are homeless, jobless, soon-to-be gasless.  And they think that families are just having a hard time affording medical bills?  People are having a hard time affording everything!  And now they learn that they get to go out and buy 50-dollar light bulbs and hundred thousand-dollar electric cars that last 180 miles in testing. 

"The data, released Wednesday by the government researchers, found that about 24 percent of children ages 17 and under are living in a family that has had trouble paying their medical bills in the past year.  By contrast, just about 10 percent of people who are 65 to 74 years old were living in a family that had had problems paying medical bills in the past year." Can you say Medicare?  And, of course, elderly people are gonna have more money than young people.  They've lived longer.  They've earned longer.  And to the extent their kids aren't a bunch of slackers, they've been able to save more.  Parents whose kids are a bunch of slackers are up a creek.  Anyway, this whole story, one in four kids living in a family struggling with health care bills, it's a commercial for Obama on the MSNBC website. 

A Different Kind of March Madness
RUSH: Bracket picks, Final Four in New Orleans again at the end of this month. Nonstop college basketball games this weekend and next. It all reminds us March Madness is here again.  But, folks, there's a different kind of March Madness going on in our nation this month, too.  It's the continuation of a smear campaign against us, who are conservative.  And it's been going on for some time, not just this past week.  It's been going on for years.  It just continues into March.  You remember when patriotic Americans spoke out against the $16 trillion debt ceiling, the debt ceiling increase. People were outraged over the way that all came out.  The House representative referred to those that objected as terrorists, as if to think reducing our nation's debt was a bad thing for the country. 

What is the purpose of a debt limit?  You don't exceed it.  Every six months, "We gotta raise the debt limit."  No, it's there for a reason.  You stay underneath it.  There's no discipline whatsoever.  I forget the man's name, a member of Congress, they called him a terrorist, trying to frightening the American people into thinking their government was gonna shut down.  Since when does wanting a balanced budget, getting government spending under control mean that you are a terrorist?  Well, in this modern era, where the American left has no moral core, anything's fair game.  And if you agree, and I'm sure a fair number of you do, then I would encourage you to educate yourself on this and other outrageous statements about the economy, about America, about you and I.  You've just had a taste.

If this has been your first exposure to what the left is capable of, categorizing people, you need to visit a website. The Heritage Foundation's put it out, it's called StopLiberalMadness.com.  Go there right after the program.  StopLiberalMadness.com.  Find out exactly what all these radical leftists are saying, and for how long.  Find out what is just common, ordinary, everyday dialogue that comes out of their mouths.  We don't have enough time left here today, but the stuff's all there at StopLiberalMadness.com.  Go check it out. 

Remember, we're doing Rush 101 today, Remedial Rush, to recognize all the new arrivals who are here out of curiosity and trying to catch you up to speed on how we do what we do here as quickly as possible, and this is a great way.  Visit StopLiberalMadness.com right after the program and find out how common this kind of stuff actually is. 


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