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Obama's Laughable Statement on "Lean" Government


RUSH: Listen to this. Obama, grab sound bite 28, Obama got a joint press conference with the British prime minister David Camkkeron.  I just shared with you in the first hour of the program how the CBO has now reexamined Obamacare and they found out that it's actually going to cost more than twice what we were told. 

The original cost, at the time the bill was signed, was $940 billion.  Now it's $1.76 trillion. But that's only with nine years of benefits implementation.  A full ten years of Obamacare will cost over $2 trillion. That's $2 trillion that we weren't spending before he did this and $2 trillion that we don't have and didn't have. It's $2 trillion added to the national debt.  Everybody's expenses are going up. Everybody is going to be paying for abortion in their health insurance premiums.  That was enacted into law yesterday by the secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius.  All of that, and listen to Obama at the joint presser with the British prime minister, David Cameron. This just moments ago.

OBAMA:  Our objectives are common, which is we want to make sure that we have governments that are lean, that are effective, that are efficient, that are providing opportunity to our people, uh, that are properly paid for so that we're not leaving it to the next generation.

RUSH:  Now, that's laughable, because that's exactly what we're doing! Everything he said that we're doing, we're not doing.  Make sure that government's are lean. (chuckles) It's a joke.  Effective?  Efficient?  Providing opportunity? The government cannot, and does not, provide opportunity to people!  People do that for themselves, by the way.  And governments that were properly paid for so that we're not leaving it to the next generation? We're already leaving it to two more generations! Now, my point in playing this is: You listen to this, you hear it, and your reaction is snarky. You listen in total disbelief, and so does everybody else.  There's not a single person (other than people are gonna vote for him anyway) fooled by this, is my point.  He's not getting away with portraying himself this way. It's not working.  He makes a joke of himself, in fact, to most people with a statement like that if they hear it.



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