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 "Folks, the fact that I have now gone on Twitter made news. It made news at Reuters. It made news at CNN. It made news at The Politico. Have you seen how many stories there are in the news media about my announcement yesterday that I'm gonna be more active on Twitter?"

"The specifics in the Obamacare law are going to make it impossible for the private sector health insurance companies to stay viable. By design."

"By the way, these fines and the 8% option offered to government, notice that none of that is oriented toward expanding health care coverage. All that is revenue generation for the government. The businesses that off-load their health insurance programs in exchange for paying the government 8% off the top. That's 8% off the business top."

"The Catholic Church is under siege, the Catholic Church is under attack. It's a huge target. And the Catholic Church finally knows it."

"Liberals give money to people wanting a payback. The payback is the vote. Liberals are not giving people money to increase their lifestyles or improve their lifestyles. It doesn't happen, does it?"

"You're not going to be able to keep your doctor, despite Obama saying you could. You're not going to be able to keep your plan, despite Obama saying you could. And now 20 million Americans are going to lose their employer-provided coverage. If I may say so, folks, this is not news to me."

"It's absurd to fund a program with a revenue of a product that you don't let people use!"

"The poor are still poor. The homeless are still homeless. Despite all these great liberal programs, the numbers, the percentages never change. Liberalism doesn't solve problems. It doesn't fix anything. It just exacerbates them."

"I am often illustrating absurdity by being absurd. I've said that we need to give smokers medals. We need to make 'em citizens with great honor, because they are the ones paying for children's health care programs. The taxes, the vast majority of taxes from the sale of tobacco products goes to fund children health care programs. All of this was done by the Democrat Party while demanding that fewer and fewer people smoke, making it harder and harder for people to smoke."

"Angry conservative women is the new voting bloc, and they've been created by this mythical Democrat Republican war on women."

"A lot of people assume that New Castrati meant 'gay.' No, that's why I came up with the term 'New Castrati.' It has nothing to do with sexual orientation. It has to do with lack of manhood. It has to do with men with no 'circular orbs,' however you wish to visualize it."

"The Republican establishment cringe at the very discussion of social issues. They are in favor of big government for the most part. They think campaigns on smaller government are losers and they worry that if they succeed, there's going to be less of an opportunity for them to have jobs in government."

"Obama or the intern who tweets for him just tweeted the following: I hear patients in the hospital say, 'Thank goodness health care reform passed,' all the time. Now, does anybody really believe that? The president just tweets that he hears patients in the hospital say, 'Thank goodness health care reform passed,' all the time. Can anybody name one way in which somebody in the hospital is benefiting from Obamacare at this moment?"

"I don't have a problem with independents personally, but every year we're told that independents are gonna determine who wins. Not the 40% that go Democrat or 40% that go Republican. We're told the people that haven't made up their minds, we're told that people who aren't partisan, we're told that people who moderate and open-minded decide."

"I think partisan, motivated, energetic, enthusiastic people determine who wins elections, and therefore whoever can go convince most of the independents to join them is gonna win."

"When you take a television camera somewhere, you forever alter what otherwise would normally happen there. You put a TV camera on a street corner and I guarantee everybody starts playing to it."


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