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 "This is a conservative country. This is not a liberal country. This is a country where the liberalism-socialism groups are a minority. But they have the media and they are able to make everybody believe, day in and day out, that they are the majority; and that the conservatives are the fringe, kook, extreme, tiny little minority that are gumming up the works.

"Obama cannot permit a deal with Congress when he's setting up a campaign this year to run against a do-nothing Congress."

"Folks, I'm telling you: There are countless reasons today to feel optimistic, regardless what's going on in the Republican primary. We're gonna end up having a nominee, and we're all gonna end up supporting a nominee, whoever it is."

"So according to Alex Baldwin and RFK Jr. calling James Inhofe a 'whore' and a 'prostitute' is a Democrat talking point. And there's no condemnation for it whatsoever."

"The sharpness of the iPad screen is much better than my big screen TVs, and these are rear-screen projection. They're not flat screens. It is amazing. It really is. It took it two days for me to realize how amazing it was."

"'God only knows' how many more rapes if there hadn't been Obama and Biden. God only knows! God only knows how many more rapes if there wasn't Obama to get more money for Flint, Michigan"

"Obama will do whatever he has to do to win. Anything, folks. He lied in a primetime address to the nation about the debt deal last summer. It was a bald-faced, blatant, arrogant lie, all because that whole thing last summer was oriented toward his reelection."

"The Senate and the House end up being damaged by Obama's attacks on a do-nothing Congress, and that's a centerpiece of his campaign."

"Normally presidents collect so much money they can divvy some out and give some away to the House and Senate for their reelect efforts. Obama told them he's got nothing for them. So the congressional Democrats are on their own."

"There are negatives galore attached to Obama, but perhaps some of you don't see them, such is your frustration with the status of the Republican primary on your anger with the Republican establishment."

"If you are a member of the House or Senate and you're a Democrat, maybe what you're doing is a reverse George Will. Maybe you've got your own plan independent of Obama, and that is: You want to take back the House and hold the Senate in case Obama loses, 'cause his polls are not good."

"There's not a lot of love between Obama and the Democrats in the House and Senate, and there really never has been. Obama has made it clear that he's out for himself."

"Do you remember the hubbub a couple-three weeks ago regarding me and all the so-called lack of civility? This guy Cee Lo Green showed up at the Atlanta fundraiser for Mr. Civility, Barack Obama, and dropped the F-bomb."

"I don't think these Drive-By Media journalists care what we think of 'em. I really don't. Some of them individually might, in private moments. But as an industry, they don't care."


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