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Baldwin and RFK Call Inhofe a Whore, Call Girl
RUSH: Since we were just talking about the civility of the entertainers and pundits of the left, I thought I'd let you know, over the weekend (I think it was the weekend), Alec Baldwin tweeted that Jim Inhofe, the senator from Oklahoma, was a "whore for oil."  I'm thinking of tweeting that.  I'm asking all of you to get a Twitter account and retweet the stuff that we put up there.  By the way, my critics and enemies are very upset that we have gone to Twitter.  They're very unhappy about this.  They're saying so to each other.  They are irritated that I have now activated my Twitter account, which the @Limbaugh or @RushLimbaugh, no space between Rush and Limbaugh. 

There are two ways you can follow.  There are a bunch of fake Limbaughs on Twitter but two pages you can legitimately follow us are @Limbaugh or @RushLimbaugh.  And Alec Baldwin treated, "Is there a bigger oil whore alive than James Inhofe?" And let's not forget, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. called Inhofe a "prostitute" a couple of weeks ago.  RFK junior tweeted, "Speaking of prostitutes, Big Oil's top call girl, Senator Inhofe, wants to kill fuel economy backed by automakers."  So according to Alex Baldwin (favored Democrat actor) and RFK Jr. (favored Democrat activist) calling James Inhofe a "whore" and a "prostitute" is a Democrat talking point.  And there's no condemnation for it whatsoever.

Out of the Mouths of Babes: Elle Macpherson
RUSH: You know who the supermodel Elle Macpherson is? Well, she let the cat out of the bag over the weekend.  She lives in, I guess, the UK. She lives in Britain.  She says, "I'm socialist. What do you expect?" She loves Obama. 

She says, why not?  I'm one. 

So one of Obama's supermodel fans has let the cat out of the bag. Let there be no doubt: As far as his buddies are concerned, he's a fellow traveler. You laugh, but I'm telling you: A bunch of these people that live on Entertainment Tonight and E! Entertainment TV are gonna hear that and say, "Oooh, wow, Obama's great! That's how we're gonna get through to 'em: Get more brain-dead models talk about what Obama really is."  Ah, sorry, more supermodels talking about Obama. Not brain-dead.  I'm sure Elle Macpherson's brilliant.  She'd have to be to figure out Obama just like she is.  So anyway, Elle Macpherson will get through to the brain-dead viewers -- uh, to the viewers -- of those access shows at 6:30 and 7:30 at night. 


RUSH:  Let me amend my characterization of the model Elle Macpherson.  I would like to now say "out of the mouths of babes."  Because she will have obviously a lot of influence over a certain pop culture demographic that hears her say (paraphrased): "Oh, yeah, Obama's a socialist, just like me.  Why wouldn't I like him?" So she's actually done us all a favor.  Out of the mouths of babes.

How the Left is Astroturfing EIB Sponsors
RUSH: Now, ladies and gentlemen, this tweet that I mentioned, we will have it ready to go after the show.  That's when we're gonna tweet it, and that's when you go there and read it and retweet it.  And what it is is basically a website among these people who are astroturfing advertisers, trying to convince the advertisers that they're hearing from angry consumers when they're not.  The advertisers are hearing from coordinated Democrat operatives under the guise of Media Matters, Think Progress and some others.  And we will put the proof of this up just so you can see how this whole secondary boycott is artificial. It's phony, it's fake, it's been drummed up.

And the key to it is they try to make these advertisers all over the country think that angry consumers are e-mailing them and calling when they're not. They're Democrat operatives.  We'll have that up and ready to go after the program @Limbaugh or @RushLimbaugh. No space between Rush Limbaugh. That's where you follow on Twitter.  We're having to white out some information on the piece that we have.  And we're even doing more than just tweeting it out to you so you can see it.  But it's an astroturf secondary boycott. Totally fake. Totally manufactured.  In fact, it's a program that's been sitting idle in a drawer since 2009 just waiting to be hatched. 

And, in fact, there was something that we tweeted over the weekend. There's a radio trade website by a radio journalist by the name Al Peterson, and it just so happens that a couple of radio consultants did a survey about this whole circumstance, and they characterized me as the "canary in the coal mine for all of radio." And a guy who was out doing a market research survey at the time decided to go ahead and find out if indeed this whole episode was damaging talk radio.  It's not.  In fact, this survey illustrates that none of you in this audience believed any of this and didn't think it was that big a deal to begin with and thought the reaction to it was way over the top. So we tweeted that.  That's up as well on our Twitter page @Limbaugh or @RushLimbaugh.

Obama Struggling to Raise Money
RUSH: From the Washington Post yesterday: "President Obama is struggling to draw in big dollar donations. Half as many people are writing large checks this campaign as four years ago," half as many.  Well, now we know why he had all those big-dollar bundlers in as guests at the state dinner for the British prime minister.  There were 34 fundraisers at a state dinner.  Unprecedented!  "Obama is outpacing his Republican rivals in fundraising overall. His advisers have concentrated on amassing small-dollar backers."  Now, you notice...? I could keep reading here. You notice how far they have to go into the weeds to find somewhere in which Obama is trouncing the Republicans in fundraising?  They have to go really deep.  This story, "Obama's High-Dollar Donations Lagging."  Well, again, he had five or six fundraisers last Friday.  They guessed $5.6 million. That's what they expected.  They got $4.6 million or $4.7 million.

They raised less than they expected. 

This is not four years ago by any stretch. 

It's a different day.

Massachusetts Principal Replaces "St. Patrick's Day" with "O'Green Day"
RUSH: "A Massachusetts school principal is renaming 'St. Patrick's Day' with 'O'Green Day' in an effort to be 'inclusive and diverse,' while some parents are blasting the decision as 'stupid' and illogical. Lisa Curtin, principal of the Soule Road School in Wilbraham, Mass., decided to change the name to ease discomfort that some students might have in celebrating St. Patrick's Day or Valentine's Day -- which last month was renamed to 'Caring and Kindness Day,' according to parents with children in the school." (interruption) Well, because it's Catholic, Dawn, that's why!  This principal thinks that it's offensive to her school kids because St. Patrick is a Catholic saint and St. Valentine is a Catholic saint. That makes some people uncomfortable. 

So she really did.

She changed St. Patrick's Day to O'Green Day.  


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