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 "In the real world, in a world of sanity, there's not a soul -- there's not a single person, there is not one individual in the Obama administration -- who can attack the Ryan budget with any credibility whatsoever. Not in a sane world."

"The third generation iPad: It's unparalleled...  I'm gonna give away  one a day, starting today, to people who follow us on Twitter."

"The Obama budget team are the architects of an abysmal failure. The Obama budget team are the architects of a debt crisis that threatens the very foundation of our country."

"This debt is out of control. It's out of sight. It's incomprehensible, except in one way: It's destructive. It is so large, it cannot be understood, the debt. It is so massive, it cannot be quantified."

"It's outrageous the amount of money that's being spent and what little we're getting for it. All we're getting for it is the empowerment of the Democrat Party and the destruction of our culture. The destruction of our society."

"Do you realize the annual federal budget when your grandkids become 20 or 21 years old is already spent? The normal tax rates, if tax rates are what they are today, your grandkids' lifetime taxes have already been spent."

"Cigar smoke is one of the best decongestants that I have run into."

"It offends my sensibilities to have the architects of an absolute national disaster come out now and dare comment on the competence, the quality and the relevance of Paul Ryan's budget. They have no right to say a damn word about it because they are the problem."

"One way to illustrate size of the national debt and put it in perspective is to remember that for the first time in our history, the national debt is now larger than the entire economy. We owe more than the annual economic output of this country. Of everything that generates economic output -- revenue, money, whatever -- we owe more than the entire economy of this country."

"The architects of an absolute, literal disaster are the first out of the box to rip Paul Ryan and a studious, responsible budget effort. It's just laughable. The whole thing is virtually laughable. These people do not know how ridiculous they've become."

"The Republican budget is real, and it becomes the target that everybody else starts shooting down."

"I don't know about you, but when I was growing up and even 20 years ago, I never dreamed that I'd have to get permission from a government official for a member of my family to have medical treatment?"

"If you fail as a Democrat -- politician or whatever -- fail as a liberal, and you get promoted, it's almost like your failure has made you a victim, particularly if it's in the private sector."

"In the real world of the private sector -- Oprah Winfrey would no more do what Barack Obama's doing with this country's economy with her own company than anybody else would. She's doing what must be done: Cutting costs, canceling failed shows, getting rid of employees that she can't afford who aren't doing any work. She lives in the real world. Obama doesn't."

"I thought all good liberals understood that when times get tough -- when growth is stymied, when jobs are needed -- the last thing you do is cut costs. The last thing you do is fire people. No, when your business is tanking just like your country, what do you do? You borrow more money and you spend more money and then you give it to union people!"

"It seems that Obama has an ongoing war on the truth, whether it involves Obamacare, or debt ceiling negotiations, or Fast and Furious, or the circumstances surrounding his mother's death. Now, we were told by establishment Republican strategerists not to attack or campaign against the president in a personal way."

"Just look annually at the federal budget, which is $3 trillion. It's absurd. It can't possibly cost $3 trillion to actually constitutionally run this country."

"As anybody ought to know, I am not against progress. I am not against technological advancement. I love it. It's my second passion, in fact. This show being first outside family and so forth. This is my second passion. I'm all for technological advancement and progress, but I just don't think that 40 miles to a charge is progress"

"If a new technology can't survive on its own in the marketplace, it's not time yet -- and if we're gonna start subsidizing it with taxpayer dollars, it isn't real."

"The left are not content to let you live your lives and leave you alone. They're only happy when they're living your life for you."

"There aren't that many Obama voters that are gonna admit they made a mistake. So the theory is, don't go after 'em that way. Don't tell 'em they made a mistake. That's like telling somebody you're wrong and that's never a good way to persuade people."


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