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 "Anything good for America, they don't like. That's the position the Democrat Party is in. I wouldn't want to be in that position. Anything that happens that's good for America they have to oppose. Anything bad for America, they support. That's Obama's base."

"Dana Milbank in the Washington Post is out today with his review of the Ryan budget, and as predictable as the sun coming up, Milbank and the Washington Post compare Ryan's budgeting to a Dickens novel where the poor get everything they have taken away from them. Ryan's gonna starve the poor, take away all their programs, take away all their money. That's how Ryan's budget's being reported."

"The idea that having to have a photo ID is discriminatory and intimidating should mean that it's discriminatory and intimidating everywhere you have to display one. The Democrats never say that. It's only when you vote."

"Here's Obama, Mr. Hope and Change, and what's the change? People get educated, they get jobs, they leave home. Obama gets elected and after three years, they move back home! It's the only solution some of them have."

"What is discriminatory about producing a photo ID to vote and not discriminatory about producing a photo ID to get on an airplane or to get married? Why is one discriminatory and the other is not? Well, we all know the answer to this. The answer is vote fraud. The answer is the Democrats want to cheat, and a photo ID goes a long way towards stopping voter fraud."

"In David Corn's universe of Washington and New York, that's America, and he thought everybody was gonna be talking about his book."

"A lot of small, incremental things have happened over 20 or 30 years. But now with Obama, those small, incremental things becoming bigger and more impactful with each instance. And they carry with them close to a call to action."

"I have a sense of you things in this country. I believe there's a great silent majority. The silent majority is made up of people who are not represented by the Democrat Party or the mainstream media. The silent majority are the people who get up and go to work, try to play by the rules, try to do everything right according to their morality and sense of ethics and their right and wrong."

"Maybe the conservative alternative to Romney is Romney. Let's hope so."

"Can you think of anything you do in your life where you do not need a photo ID? You need a photo ID to cash a check. You need a photo ID to get on an airplane. You need a photo ID for everything. For the most mundane things in life, you need a photo ID. But yet, Eric Holder and his gang tell us that to require a photo ID when one votes is intimidation, and it is discrimination."

"The daily assault on conservatism in the media is actually nothing more than a bunch of daily lies about the strength of the economy and how great Obama's doing."

"So we've gone from a jobless recovery to a recovery-less job growth. Neither one make any sense. But the efforts that the media are going to find any shred of bad news and turn it into good news is happening. They're taking every opportunity to do it, and it's designed to dispirit you and to keep Obama's base enthused."

"The things that have happened in this country are real. The economic destruction is real. Obamacare is real. The fact that people are going to lose their health care plan is real, and people know these things. The fact that they can't find good-paying jobs, that's real. So all these efforts by Obama and the media to tell people that what they know and feel is not true, it isn't going to work. But they're still going to keep trying."

"We got a random act of journalism in The Politico today, of all places. Headline: 'Global Warming' Gets a Rebranding.' They gotta 'rebrand' it. It's not working. Global warming, climate change, you people aren't buying it anymore so they have to go rebrand their hoax. I love it. Rebrand the hoax, 'cause you people aren't falling for their original techniques any longer."


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