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"The left look at the Constitution as a 'living, breathing, flexible document' written by a bunch of racists and wealthy, entitled people who set things up for their own benefit and to heck with anybody else."

"There's a price on the head of George Zimmerman issued by private group of citizens.  The New Black Panther Party.  And they are saying that they've rounded up 5,000 black posse members to go out and find this guy, to bring him to them for justice.  And so far not a peep from the Obama administration, not a peep, that I've heard from the government of Florida."

"If this were a sane world, and if the law really did matter -- if the Constitution really took precedence as it's supposed to -- this case would be thrown out."

"The Constitution is a document which specifically and purposely limits the federal government. That's why was written, to prevent what's happening now, in fact: Massive takeover of the federal government by political forces acting outside the Constitution or extra-constitutionally."

"There's nothing positive in this story.  But you'd be hell-bent to find the truth even if you read it.  You need a seasoned, trained professional like me going through this stuff for you."

"You want to hear something that's just plain tasteless?  The Obama reelect campaign, Obama 2012 is now selling hoodies that say, 'Obama 2012' on them.  The Barack Obama reelection effort is exploiting the death of Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida, in order (obviously, here) to secure votes (as though he needs them) from African-Americans." 

"I don't buy this notion that Obama loses politically if this is declared constitutional. I don't know. That's not something I'm hoping for, let's just put it that way. That's not a preferred outcome." 

"I would be remiss if I didn't remind you of something.  This health care law debate at the Supreme Court and everywhere else is about much more than just health care.  It's about the Constitution."

"Obamacare is not a tax for a benefit.  Obamacare forces people to enter into a private contract or to be penalized for failing to do so, and a 'compulsory contract' is oxymoronic.  You can't be forced to sign a contract, but that's what you have with an insurance company when you get a policy.  The government simply cannot do that. The Supreme Court may say that it can, but it's ignoring the Constitution when it does"

"It boggles my mind how oblivious people are to their own freedom, advocating for what would ultimately be the loss of their own freedom."

"This is about much more than health care and medical treatment. This is about the Constitution.  This whole issue is the greatest opportunity that the left in this country has had to realize their generations-long dream of the federal government controlling everything."

"I know we've got authoritarians and totalitarians that love to shut people up, but when average citizens just go along with it and think they're sounding erudite and enlightened so forth? This is outright censorship that people end up supporting, whether they know it or not. Outright censorship.  And yet the New Black Panthers can put a bounty on a citizen and nobody does anything!"

"This bunch doesn't worry about what things cost. They wouldn't have run up deficits the way they have if they were concerned about things like that."

"Rush Limbaugh, hosting the most listened to radio talk show in the country, the most talked about radio talk show in the country, hosted by the most listened to radio talk show host in the country, who happens to be the most talked about radio talk show host in the country. And maybe the most talked about person in the country, outside of Tim Tebow."

"This health care law is not about health care as far as the left is concerned.  It's about throwing out a huge chunk of the Constitution that they don't like."



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