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Pearls of Wisdom

 "If we're not careful, we are going to lose this country. We are going to shred the Constitution in ways that it can't be put back together."

"We have this legislative debacle -- this monstrosity, this worthless piece of legislation -- that is going to rip the fiber out of this country. All for 15 million people who have chosen not to have health insurance!"

"I just marvel at all of these legal minds on the left -- be they network experts, law professors, or whatever -- who, up until yesterday, apparently never even considered the possibility that the individual mandate in the commerce clause is unconstitutional."

"I try to distance myself from it and try to not succumb and get caught up in the daily narrative and template of whatever the issue is that's being discussed."

"It is paramountly obvious that the so-called smartest people among us are not even C students in life. They're not even C students in getting up and making things work. And our side engages them as though they're smarter than we are, and we have to impress them. And I'm talking about the intellectual elites on our side."

"If the judges throw out the mandate but leave enough of the law in, the Democrats who run Congress -- if they are still gonna run it -- are gonna have a simple solution to this: Medicare for everybody!"

"We are up against the forces of tyranny. And when the forces of tyranny start tasting this power, then anybody who opposes them has become an enemy who must be silenced, must be shut down. And how? With the full force of government!"

"It's no wonder that the Democrats block voter ID laws and push for legislation allowing felons the right to vote because they know if the election were held today, he doesn't stand much of a chance. Nobody will tell you that. I will."

"We have lost two million jobs since Obama was inaugurated. I don't care how many they claim they're adding week to week. We have lost two million jobs, and we have not replaced them. We're at a net negative situation, and it's not changing."

"In Realville, where real people live, the Supreme Court has just said: Obamacare is illegal. That's what 'unconstitutional' means. It's illegal. They want to try to spin that as a positive? Let 'em try!"

"I love it when presidents are told by courts that the things they believe in are illegal, coupled with all their other failures. Yeah, I love people who also see that as a road to victory. Yeah, the next thing they're gonna tell us is this was Obama's grand strategy: To fail at everything but make a great effort at it."

"The Democrat Party has been governing against the will of the people since Obama set foot in the Oval Office."

"The more it unfolds here, the more obvious it becomes to me that this ought to be one of the biggest embarrassments in this nation's history. This whole episode. This whole law. This whole piece of legislation. This whole effort to ram it through. Its premise, its objective. Plus it's tragic."

"This isn't any education that goes on. There's no learning that happens in liberalism. Indoctrination and propagandizing is what happens. It's inculcation, not learning, not critical thinking."

"The 'constitutional awakening' is the Tea Party. The Tea Party was the 'constitutional awakening' in 2009 and 2010. The Tea Party voting in the midterms in 2010, that's the 'constitutional awakening.'"

"We haven't lost any audience in this program. The audience is larger than it's ever been. The people who have been hurt on this program are the advertisers who left!"

"You take a look at any city dominated by liberalism for a long period of time, unchecked, and you will see major problems."


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