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"Conservatism is no secret. Constitutional Americanism is no secret. It's out there. Anybody in the world can discover it."

"Obama says we shouldn't subsidize Big Oil. Keep in mind Obama is subsidizing Brazilian companies drilling for oil. Obama subsidizes the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Obama subsidizes big unions and environmental groups, his campaign workers. And big government is nothing other than liberals subsidizing their friends and supporters by redistributing wealth."

"The left will never admit the deficiency of their ideas. They will not admit that they sent Obama up there with an impossible job: to defend the indefensible."

"I love this country, and as I told you earlier this week, I am scared that we're losing it. We are on the precipice because of incidents like this. A reality exists, if it doesn't fit the political objective of the left and the media, the reality doesn't matter."

"Obamacare is not really Obamacare. Obamacare is the utopian dream of American leftists for 50 or more years. They know and have known for five decades what they want to do with the American health care system."

"I do not know how this happened and I don't know what caused it, but there is an absolutely accurate -- correct factually -- and fair story on the last month of this program in the Washington Post."

"The fact that we're waiting on the decision of one man, in a nation of 311 million where only 15 million don't have health insurance, and those 15 million don't want it? We're doing this for all of that, and one man hangs in the balance. How did we ever get here?"

"More bad news for President Obama. Breaking news from the AP. 'The US Senate,' which he controls, the Democrats control the Senate, 'have defeated the oil subsidies bill despite Obama's call for Congress to pass it.' His own Democrat Senate defeated the oil subsidies bill, meaning take away the so-called tax breaks that Big Oil gets."

"Judges, members of Congress, everybody, we are all imperfect. That's what the law is supposed to be, a guideline, an establishment of moral character and fiber in one sense."

"I think all of liberalism is in denial, as a perpetual state of existence."

"There were a hundred ways to deal with health care, but Obama and Pelosi and Reid, they chose the most preposterous, over-the-top way to do this, and they did it on purpose."

"I am still blown away by how utterly shocked people like Jeffrey Toobin and others in the liberal media were that it went the way it went. They were shocked out of their clothes, folks. They were stunned."

"Reality is what crushes liberalism. Reality is what crushes Obama. Reality is what's crushing Obamacare. They cannot and do not live in the real world. They can't survive there.

"I am still blown away by how utterly shocked people like Jeffrey Toobin and others in the liberal media were that it went the way it went. They were shocked out of their clothes, folks. They were stunned."

"Part of me can relate to the pilot. Hell, I feel like running up and down the aisles with some of the news out there today, what's happening to the country. I can relate a little bit."

"Elena Kagan doesn't have the slightest idea what she is doing. She was nominated and confirmed for one reason. She helped cheerlead Obamacare as a member of the administration. She then prepared the defense of this law while she was the solicitor general. For that reason alone, she should not be allowed to sit on this case."

"They represent 20% or 25% of the thinking of this country. But because they have the media and movies and books, newspapers and so forth, it's made to look like liberalism is the dominant media culture, the dominant cultural way of thinking, dominant everything. And it isn't."

"Liberalism is not the backbone of America. It's not what makes the country work. It's what's trying to tear the country down. And for liberals to triumph -- for them to win elections, for them to persuade you -- they can't sell their ideas."

"There is not one element of Barack Obama's presidency that he can point to as he runs for reelection and say, 'You want more of that? Vote for me!' Because nobody wants more of what Obama has."

"Gas prices have doubled since Obama took office, and he wants them to double again, and it's the oil companies' fault. Now, somebody explain to me how increasing the costs on the oil companies is gonna reduce gasoline prices. Answer: it won't."

"Oil is as organic and natural as algae or as anything else that you find on this planet. There's nothing wrong with it. Oil is miraculous, what we have learned to do with it."


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