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JetBlue Pilot Goes Nuts
RUSH: Look, a part of me can relate to the pilot.  Hell, I feel like running up and down the aisles with some of the news out there today, what's happening to the country. I can relate a little bit.  The guy running down the aisles, "They're trying to bring us all down!" Well, don't we all feel that way about the Obama regime?  They're trying to bring us all down, but we're not going crazy.  Well, some are not going crazy.  I count myself among those not going crazy.  We're doing what we can to stop this. 

Plea Bargains Replace Trials
RUSH:  Are they trying to charge the captain with flight interference?  Are you serious?  I know he went nuts, but he still interfered with the flight.  He was kicked out of the cockpit and tried to get back in.  I don't care whether he went nuts or not.  The airlines, they start trying to make excuses for that based on -- you know what that's like?  I'll tell you something, I'm caught up in cultural things this week, folks. I can't help it because of what's happening with the Supreme Court and everything.  But I saw something today in reading about the health care debate and some other court decisions that have been discussed here.  Do you realize how many cases are decided by plea bargain today versus actual trial?  Even huge criminal cases.  It's in the 90 percents.  I think that's the number I read. It's extremely high.  We don't have trials anymore.  We have plea bargains.  Most convictions result from plea bargains, not trials. 

The airline in this case, if they try to excuse this guy 'cause he went nuts, you know, they're in the business of selling seats and selling safety and selling security, and they've got to punish it when they see fit rather than plea bargain it away.  You know, what good is an insanity defense here?  How does that help anybody?  The guy still did what he did.  This plea bargain stuff, insanity defense, "that's not who I was," so many people are escaping responsibility for what they do because of this.  This guy did what he did.  He terrorized the passengers on that plane.  Now, he might have been driven nuts by any number of things.  But the fact that he was nuts does not change what he did.  He posed a great threat.  They had to kick the guy out of the cockpit and then he was trying his best to get back in.  It took four people to subdue him.

The Trayvon Martin Headlines on Drudge
RUSH: I said that the Trayvon Martin case is unraveling. In a way it is, but it's still ongoing. I want to read you the Drudge headlines, the Drudge links on the Trayvon Martin story. "'SO MUCH HATE COMING FROM THE PRESIDENT.'" That's a link to George Zimmerman's father. "'You're Going to Die Tonight'" is a link to a story about a threat to George Zimmerman. "ABC News: Police Video Shows No Blood on Zimmerman." "Large Gash on Back of Head?" "POLICE REPORT: Bleeding From the Nose, Head."  "Network Names 13-Year-Old Witness!" That would be ABC. The witness says that "Trayvon Martin Shooter Told Cops Teenager Went For His Gun." The witness said that Trayvon Martin went for George Zimmerman's gun.

"Parents of Murdered Brit Students Slam Obama." These are the two white students killed by the 17-year-old black guy a year ago. And there's a new Twitter feed called "Kill Zimmerman," "@KILLZIMMERMAN." Spike Lee has apologized, but only for the wrong address. He's not apologized for helping people try to find George Zimmerman. He's only apologized for sending people to the wrong place.


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