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California to Teach "Gay History"?


RUSH: This is Cheri in Chino Hills, California.  Hi.

CALLER:  Hi, Rush.  How are you?

RUSH:  Fine and dandy.  Thanks very much.

CALLER:  Yes, I'm calling.  I'll just get right to the point.  I'm calling because I'm upset as a Californian with the liberal Democrats in our state. I'm calling about SB48, which is Senate Bill 48 written by Mark Leno in San Francisco, passed by all the Democrats last year and now is law, signed by Governor Brown. It's taking away parental rights, and of course there's no media coverage whatsoever on it. That's why I'm calling.  It's basically mandatory, mandatory gay history teaching, starting in kindergarten to the twelfth grade with no opt-out for parents.  Normally in sex education in high school you can opt out, but this particular bill, which I'm getting signatures for because there's petitions around trying to repeal it, is taking away the rights of parents. They cannot opt-out of it, so they're gonna teach a kindergartener, five-, six-, seven-, eight-year-old, trying to explain to them gay history and that's a sexual content that's inappropriate at that age.

RUSH:  Wait just a second here, Cheri.  What is gay history?

CALLER:  The bill is written to include lesbian, homosexual, transgender, and the LBJT [sic] --

RUSH:  Right.  But what's the history?  Is it like great homosexuals in America?

CALLER:  If someone's gay in history they want to say, well, besides all his attributes, okay, he was also gay in history.  So you bring up --

RUSH:  Oh, okay.

CALLER:  -- the gay in history thing, but the problem is, then a kindergartener is gonna say, "Well, what is gay?"  So you're bringing in sexual content that is inappropriate at a kindergartener level.

RUSH:  Well, I guess what I don't understand, see, we're all Americans, how can they have a different history?  What is different about their history?  If they want to say, you know, identify great figures in history who were gay, that's probably what it is, but we all live the same history.



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