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"What is happening today at the United States Supreme Court is what has happened for 222 years. There's nothing special about today. There's nothing unique. The court is doing nothing today that it hasn't done since its inception."

"Liberal judges don't look at the law, they look at ways to rewrite it.

"It is hilarious and it's pathetic how the media are all aflutter about how the court is gonna vote on Obamacare today and then not announce their ruling 'til the end of June. It's not fair."

"In the real world, there's no way this law is constitutional. I don't say that as a partisan. In a just and sane, objective world, this would be slam-dunk struck down nine to nothing. It should at least be 7-2 unconstitutional and throw the whole thing out."

"The theory that seems to be the popular one relies on nothing having to do with the law. Nothing. It has to do with positioning, court reputation, not causing riots in the streets at the end of the day when the decision is announced."

"These are the smartest people in the world, folks? I'm trying to tell you, they aren't. They're not even curious. They are living in a prison of their own conceit and of their own arrogance."

"New Yorkers are highly provincial. One thing I learned when I moved there in 1988, New York is the largest market, biggest market, biggest city, focus of everything, the center of everything. Liberals are the same way, they're just provincial. Their world is it. There is nothing else. And they're not even curious about what else there is."

"If there were any conservatives who thought this thing was a piece of cake constitutionally it's because of the faith in the legal system we've lost, not in the merits of the law."

"What do people expect happens when you're working? It's not utopia out there."

"Vice President Biden, I wonder if he's ever heard of Walter F. Mondull. Vice President Biden says that we need to create a global minimal tax. In an election year he says this."

"So all these people who think they're doing wonderful things in the area of human rights end up causing more harm than they intended. It's always these unintended consequences."

"Not every country's the United States, and, frankly, we're heading in a direction to be more like the rest of the world than the rest of the world is heading to be more like us."

"If the press treated powerful Democrats like they treat Republicans, we'd have an entirely different country in terms of national mood. It would be profound."

"The Constitution limits what government can do, pure and simple. This one piece of legislation throws that out and opens the door for government control over every aspect of life. Does this not matter?"

"If Obama and the Democrats succeed ultimately where they're going, the impact on everybody is going to be such that sports is no longer gonna be an escape. It's gonna be caught up in everything. It gonna be affected by all of this."

"The news media are always the last to know when it comes to the Supreme Court, and they can't stand it."

"Hard work still happens here. I know we're trying to shield our children from hard work. But it still happens in other parts of the world and it's beneficial."


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