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 "This Obama mandate that everybody buy health insurance or pay a fine is unprecedented. There's nothing else like it. It hasn't happened. It's not standard operating procedure."

"If Olbermann were anything other than an insane lunatic leftist -- which is a resume enhancement -- he wouldn't get hired."

"That was gonna be a great call, but we're never gonna hear it 'cause Snerdley screwed up."

"Laws have a relative simplicity to them, genuine laws do. There's no way that 2,700 pieces of legislation is a law. It's impossible for every citizen to know. The justices don't know, and Scalia made it clear that he doesn't expect his clerks to read all 2,700 pages."

"I just want to impress upon you that the individual mandate in Obamacare is different for all the reasons that we have explained a thousand times. And, frankly, I'll be glad to explain it another 1,000 times, but it gets frustrating to have to do this."

"If the hospital treats emergency room walk-ins who can't pay, who pays the hospital? You do or your insurance company does or your employer, however you want to look at it. But the hospitals raise their rates elsewhere to pay for this. There's no free lunch. It isn't free."

"I mean the pretzels that the news media, the shapes that they twist themselves into in order to justify what they do is mind-boggling. You could get dizzy trying to follow this stuff."

"So they're telling us that NBC doesn't know by now all the details of their effort to influence a criminal investigation and spread hate. NBC still can't figure out how they did that. It's been a week now. They don't know how they did it."

"I wonder if anybody will mount a campaign to boycott the advertisers of NBC News. I wonder if anybody will mount such a campaign for spreading hate and doctoring a tape and putting forth an absolutely untrue, not just a false, but an untrue version of events. Think anybody will start harassing NBC's advertisers now? I don't think so."

"You know, the idea that you would keep on doing the same thing over and over again even though it's been proven not to work, that's a sign of madness. This is Barack Obama essentially saying that America has never worked since the days of its founding, that this 'you're on your own' economics hasn't worked.

"The Obamacare mandate forces someone to buy something from somebody else, to enter into a contract. It forces us, it compels us to enter into a contract. There's no contract when you walk in the emergency room. There's no contract between the emergency and the government. There's just a law out there that says they've gotta pay for it."

"The mother and father who go to work attempting to improve their family's economic standing is self-interest. It isn't selfishness, and they're not doing what they're doing to take from other people, but Obama thinks they are."

"It's striking to look at the history of the United States and call it a failure. But that is what our president is doing. And he's doing it as part of his reelection campaign."

"It is standard operating procedure here to distrust everything in the mainstream media until we get further into it, take some time and figure it out. Some things they report are true. Some are accurate. Some of their polling data is, but our instinct here is to distrust it all."

"The thing that saved this country economically, after the New Deal, was World War II. The New Deal was an abject failure, just like Obamanomics is an abject failure. But the characterization of capitalism as 'you're on your own' economics is so flawed as to be insulting, that this is what I mean about these people being ignorant."

"Capitalism is the most non-ideological, nonracist, most successful economic system in the history of the world. What's worked better, capitalism or the New Deal? Capitalism or the Great Society? Capitalism or Obamaism? Capitalism or the Soviet Union? Capitalism or communist China? Capitalism or Cuba? Capitalism or Venezuela? In every one of these countries where I've offered a comparison, I'm comparing a land of freedom and economic liberty to tyranny and totalitarianism."

"I think a lot of Obama's belief is rooted in it's time we found out what it's like elsewhere in the world. The problem is he thinks that the way it is elsewhere in the world is our fault because we've taken, we've stolen, or we've conquered or what have you."

"Every previous president in this country... well, take it back. Certainly not Woodrow Wilson. But I would dare say 99%, 98% of all American presidents have believed with every fiber of their soul that the United States was the solution to the world's problems.
We have one who believes it's the problem. We and everything about us are the problem."

"Here's a constitutional law professor, Barack Obama, and he doesn't know that his mandate's unconstitutional. And the truth is, he doesn't care. He really doesn't care."


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