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 "Obama argued against the individual mandate in 2008 when he was running against Hillary in the primary. Now, he didn't say it was unconstitutional in 2008, but he implied it."

"There was no strong majority in support of Obamacare as the president claims. In fact, there was strong bipartisan support against it! Thirty-four Democrats in the House voted against Obamacare. No Republicans voted for it."

"Judicial activism cannot possibly exist if the court is following the Constitution. This is really a teachable moment here."

"Obama's put a bounty out on the Supreme Court, figuratively speaking, since bounties are in the news lately. There's no question."

"This is a man, Barack Obama, who was once paid to teach law, constitutional law, and he doesn't even know the meaning of the term 'judicial activism.' It is preposterous, and it's even a little scary to hear such abject ignorance from a supposed constitutional scholar."

"It's really ironic to hear Barack Obama whining about legislation being decided by unelected judges. I wonder if he's ever heard of Roe v. Wade. You talk about unelected judges imposing their own view of life on us? There's no greater example than finding abortion to be constitutional."

"It is hilarious to hear Obama arguing, threatening, warning justices of the Supreme Court that the individual mandate is constitutional. It isn't. There is no permission for the federal government to order Americans to sign contracts with anybody, to buy something, or to not buy something. There is no provision for this in the Constitution."

"Totally manufactured and made up. That's the usual Obama straw man argument. All these nameless people. He never identifies them, never quotes them. He just says they exist."

"So this phony construct of the president today, that all these wonderfully poor people that finally have health insurance and never had it before, they're finally getting treated and they never got treated before. You judges are going to take that away from 'em. That's pathetic. And it's beneath the office of the presidency."

"I had a bag of Combos here I was all ready to open in the stress of trying to save America. But I used discipline. I'm not gonna open the bag of Combos. It's a pretzel snack. Not gonna mess with it."

"There is no 'burden' in a Supreme Court case. This isn't a jury trial. There's no burden here! The burden was on the government to answer their questions. The burden was to show that it was constitutional. The burden is constitutionality."

"You know what the scary thing is? How many Americans do you think the purpose of court is to make sure that the uninsured have insurance? That's the sad, shocking thing."

"Let me tell you what the human element is in Obamacare. The human element is telling a 100-year-old woman, 'Sorry, here's the pain pill. You don't get the pacemaker. You're too old.' That's the human element in Obamacare. The human element in Obamacare is the death panels. The human element in Obamacare is the government, a bunch of bureaucrats that we'll never meet, deciding who gets treated and how extensively we get treated."

"We got Solyndra, Abound Solar, Energy Conversion Devices, BrightSource, LSP Energy, Evergreen Solar, Ener1, SunPower, Beacon Power, ECOtality, A123, Uni-Solar, Azure Dynamics, and now Solar Trust. They've all gone under. Every one of those bankrolled businesses has gone under, and oil is the fuel of the past. Oil is what's old."

"'According to psychologist Iris Mauss, the more someone pursues happiness, the more he or she will probably end up feeling disappointed.' Man, if this isn't liberalism on parade, I don't know what is. They are not happy, don't want anybody else to be, and now they've codified it in scientific research."

"Everywhere you look, every place that Obama has tried to bankroll a so-called green energy outfit, the vast majority of them have descended into bankruptcy and closed up shop."


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