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Obama Rips Capitalism in Speech to AP
RUSH: Obama's in Washington today at the Associated Press luncheon. This is a meeting of the American Society of News Editors Convention. Yes, I know the lines and the jokes we could make about the people in that room. But he is... And I've got sound bites here, and we're gonna get to them. He is back to using the language of conservatism as a thin veil for his socialism. The purpose of his remarks today is he's campaigning, reaching out to independents. He is attacking free-market capitalism while trying to make himself sound like a capitalist. And why? Well, because he says it always fails. It's never worked! This country's never worked. The only thing that's worked is the last three-and-a-half years.

The audacity and the gall. This is the worst economic recovery in our nation's history. There's a Wall Street Journal story on this today. Worst economic recovery -- and according to him, this is the only thing that works. The economics since the founding of the country don't work. He keeps talking about trickle-down economics as something the rich peddle to keep people poor. We've got the sound bites coming up. But he's running for reelection, and he's trying to make himself sound like he's what he's not. He doesn't want to sound like he's an Alinskyite today. He doesn't want to sound like he's a Marxist today. He's a good capitalist but he's got ways to improve it, getting rid of this trickle-down stuff.

Two Black Teens Beat Man with Hammer Near Sanford, Florida
RUSH: Here's a little news story, ladies and gentlemen, from the Orlando Sentinel. The headline: "Two Arrested in Brutal Hammer Beating in Seminole." This is near Sanford, Florida. It rings a bell. Something has recently been going on in Sanford, Florida. Oh, well, it'll come to me. "A tip to Crimeline has led to the arrests of two men in a brutal beating that occurred a week ago in the Midway community east of Sanford. Julius Ricardo Bender, 18, and Yahaziel Isaac Israel, 19, face charges of attempted first-degree murder, burglary with assault or battery and armed burglary.

"The victim, a 50-year-old Winter Springs man whose name has not been released, is on life-support at Orlando Regional Medical Center. Deputies were called to the area of Lincoln Street and Beardall Avenue about 6:30 p.m. March 26 to investigate a report of a man being beaten, Seminole County Sheriff's spokeswoman Heather Smith said. They found the victim in the woods on the north side of Lincoln Street." They show the two teenagers here. I've got their pictures. I'll turn the Dittocam off and I'm gonna zoom in here, and let's see. Watch me get in trouble for this.  Okay, there are the two perps. This happened March 26 in Sanford, Florida. These are the two perps, and the victim (according to the headline) is a 50-year-old white gentleman. (interruption) You think so? (interruption) One of the...? (interruption) Well, I don't want to get into who might look like somebody here, Mr. Snerdley. That's not for me to judge. I'm not a geneticist or anything. I just wanted to mention the story. Just a story in Sanford, Florida. I know something happened there. I can't remember off the top of my head. It's been in the news a lot lately. I just don't remember what it was.

Two and a Half Men Creator Rips Women's Influence on TV
RUSH: From the UK Daily Mail: "Lee Aronsohn, the co-creator of the CBS comedy Two and a Half Men is in hot water for saying female-oriented comedies have reached the point of saturation. Speaking with the Hollywood Reporter at the Toronto Screenwriting Conference, he said: ‘Enough, ladies, I get it. You have periods.’ He complained of the latest batch of comedy shows targeted toward women, including 2 Broke Girls and Whitney. He added: ‘But we’re approaching peak vagina on television, the point of labia saturation.’ ... [He] didn’t stop there. He said that the show focuses on ‘damaged men. What makes men damaged?

"'Sorry, it’s women. I never got my heart broken by a man.’ The show has portrayed women in a less-than-flattering light from its inception, led for eight seasons by Charlie Sheen." They're talking about Two and a Half Men.  So just as we're coming down off this phony, fake war on women, we get a Hollywood guy blasting women on TV, and then he's forced to back off. He's been forced to apologize. He's been forced to take it back.  "Yeah, yeah, stupid joke. I'm sorry," and his comments have been deleted.  But before they made him delete the comments, "We're approaching peak..." All he's talking about here is the chickification of his business.  He writes sitcoms. He's a comedy writer. He says the women have taken over. 

It's all vagina all the time.  We get it.  Okay, women, let us alone. 

"Recovery" Threatened by Runaway Student Loan Debt
RUSH: "Recovery Threatened By Runaway Student Loan Debt -- The federal student loan program seemed like a great idea back in 1965: Borrow to go to college now, pay it back later when you have a gig."  You know, folks, have you noticed a lot of ideas from 1965 seem not to have worked out?  Now the student loan program is threatening "the recovery" because of all the debt.  What did we have in 1965?  We had the Great Society. We had the War on Poverty, all this LBJ stuff. We had the Civil Rights Act, all this stuff, in 1965.

How is it working out for us? But poor old Obama, if you read this story further you'll find out that this is really bad for Obama. It seems like everything is threatening his reelection. I mean his recovery. Student loans, which, by the way, he now directly controls. The Obama administration took over that program. There are very few places you can go in the private sector to get a student loan. Government has most of that. Yeah, Medicare, Medicaid, enacted in 1965. What a great year. Look at all of the rotgut that happened in 1965. And how has it worked out, all these social programs?

The article says in passing here, "Lifting student debt higher and higher is the escalating cost of attending school." Really, you think so? What else would make student debt high? Uh, how could I forget. Birth control pills. So birth control pills and tuition are causing student debt to spiral out of control and threaten the Obama recovery. "Lifting student debt higher and higher is the escalating cost of attending school." Who woulda thought that? Man, what genius put this together? "Tuition is increasing far faster than the rate of inflation." Yeah, and who's in charge of this? Liberals. Isn't the rising cost of tuition the whole problem, other than the birth control pills? Yet there's never any criticism from Obama or the Democrats or the news media about colleges and how greedy they are.

Oh, yeah, we gotta take these subsidies away from Big Oil. We gotta take these tax breaks away. But whenever the colleges want to increase tuition, add 10% more. We never hear about all the greed in Big Education. We never hear about how Big Education wants to destroy its customer base. We never hear about how Big Education is there to rip off its customers like Big Retail is and like Big Oil is. We never hear that about Big Education. All we hear about Big Education is you better get your butt there. If you don't go to Big Education, you don't have a chance to be a success in life. You better get to college, and here's a loan, and you can spend the rest of your life paying us back and thanking us for giving you the chance to go there. But, by the way, when you graduate, don't pursue happiness because it'll only make you miserable. Now, here's your payment book.


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