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Some of the topics we're loaded with today: Obama Warns GOP Budget Would Make Weather Prediction Less Accurate || McCain: Romney Should Choose Palin As VP || Students Angry Over Pricey Courses Pepper-Sprayed || $21,000 Wind Turbine Saves Reno Only $4 on Energy Bill || Romney Eyes November After 3-Contest Sweep || Doctor Panels Recommend Fewer Tests for Patients

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Cat Woke Me Up at 5:30 AM... Romney Rebuts Obama's AP Speech...Greek-Style Riots at UC Santa Barbara... Study: Republicans, Whites More Tired of Trayvon Coverage... CNN Manages to Fall Behind MNSBC in Ratings... NBC'S Chintzy Apology on Zimmerman Tape... Olbermann is a Guy Wearing a $50 Lamp Shade... Election Year Conversion: Regime to Try KSM at Club Gitmo...

How to Respond to Obama's Lies?

RUSH: The problem I have here is to try to refute what the president's saying in a way that's persuasive to people and they just don't hear it as criticism, because then they chalk that up as, "That's just usual. You're just criticizing Obama 'cause you don't like him."


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