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In Direct Appeal to the Dumbest Americans, Obama Claims the Republican Budget Will Poison Air, Water, Food -- and Even Screw Up the Accuracy of Weather Forecasts


RUSH: Obama's speech yesterday on the economy and Paul Ryan.  This also plundered new depths of cynicism and outright prevarication.  But it's an election year and Obama does not have one thing in his record to run on.  He cannot point, nor can the Democrats, to one thing they have done and say, "You want more of this?  Vote for us."  Not one, folks.  There isn't a single thing.  Now, they're gonna try to make Obamacare that, but the court might get in the way.  But I want you to listen to Obama yesterday afternoon talking to his stenographers at the AP and the American Society of News Editors, the ASNE convention. The acronym is A-S-N-E.  This was specifically during the Associated Press luncheon.  I want you to listen to one sound bite.  We'll get into this in greater detail as the program unfolds.  I want to do the judge stuff first.  But I just want you to hear this, because this is an example of what we're gonna be hearing from now through the election.

OBAMA:  Two million mothers and young children would be cut from a program that gives them access to healthy food.  There would be 4,500 fewer federal grants at the Department of Justice and the FBI to combat violent crime, financial crime, and help secure our borders.  Hundreds of National Parks would be forced to close for part or all of the year.  We wouldn't have the capacity to enforce the laws that protect the air we breathe, the water we drink or the food that we eat.  Our weather forecasts would become less accurate because we wouldn't be able to afford to launch new satellites.

RUSH:  Now, this is the worst of the worst that we've had from President Obama.  This is shameful.  It is sophomoric. It is sophistry. It is a blatant appeal to the dumbest Americans.  It really is pathetic.  It is beneath the office of the presidency.  But it is an appeal to the stupidest of our people.  Now, let me tell you about Ryan's budget.  This is what he's talking about, is Paul Ryan's budget.  Paul Ryan's budget doesn't balance, what, 'til 2040?  Paul Ryan's budget is less than a trillion dollars smaller than Obama's.  Paul Ryan's budget doesn't cut anything.  It takes a long time to balance.  It shifts some things, but it's not Draconian at all. 

Let's go through this line by line.  "Two million mothers and young children will be cut from a program that gives them access to healthy food."  Okay, so the Republicans are going to purposely starve two million mothers and their children.  Or, said another way, Republicans want two million mothers and their children to have contaminated food.  "There would be 4,500 fewer federal grants at the Department of Justice and the FBI to combat violent crime, financial crime, and help secure the border."  So the Republicans want rape to increase, bank robberies to increase.  The Republicans want more illegal immigrants flooding across the border.  The Republicans want Wall Street banks to continue to screw people.  The Republicans want more violent crime.  The Republicans don't want to secure the border. 

"Hundreds of National Parks would be forced to close for part or all of the year," because the Republicans don't like nature. The Republicans don't want you to go to Yosemite.  The Republicans don't want you to go to the Grand Canyon. When in fact it's the Democrats who are trying to limit your access to those places under the global warming BS.  We'll have Ryan's response to this later in the program, but how do you respond to this?  To take it seriously, as I'm doing here, is to fall into the trap.  Well, I know you have to take it seriously. But to rebut it line by line seriously like I'm doing is really a challenge because we all exist on a high plane.  He is down here.  He's just above the gutter with this.  And, frankly, I don't know how to get in the gutter, and I don't want to be there.  But he is appealing to the absolute, most ignorant segment our population with this and what he's doing with the Supreme Court and the upcoming decision on his health care law.  It is clear what he's doing, and it's clear what he thinks of this country. 

His reelection hinges on him being able to mobilize the ignorant, the shallow, the uninformed, the uneducated, the dumb, and the stupid. That is who he's appealing to. Now, how many of you think that there are a lot of those people in this country? Are there enough of them to win somebody the White House? This is a stark contrast from this big, messianic campaign from 2008. This is a striking difference. Here, listen to what he said: "We wouldn't have capacity to enforce the laws that protect the air that we breathe or the water we drink, or the food we eat."

So Republicans want to the poison the air. They want to poison the water. Republicans want dirty air, want dirty water. This is what he's saying. And he thinks that there are or is a huge number of Americans that will believe this. He also knows that every journalist in that audience yesterday is gonna pass this on as though it's all true, that the Republicans do want dirty water and do want dirty air and they want contaminated food for "American mothers." The media in that room is gonna spread that message for Obama. Is there a different air supply for Republicans? Is there a different water supply for Republicans?

If there is, I want to know. I want to know where these Republicans who want contaminated food are buying their food. I want to know where Republicans who are contaminating the water are getting theirs. So that I can survive. And I want know who these Republicans are! I want names. I want names of Republicans who are contaminating the food, poisoning the water, encouraging crime -- rapes, murders, incest, all of that. I want to know who these Republicans are so I can make friends with them and stay on their good side so that my water and air are not tainted.

Am I gonna have to construct a bubble at my house and have a secret pipe for that clean air run to my house? Where is it? Where am I gonna get that air? And ditto, where am I gonna get the water? And what am I gonna have to do with the local police officers to make sure that the crime they're going to allow to happen now will not happen at my house? "Weather forecasts would become less accurate because we wouldn't be able to afford..." Who is it that essentially shut down NASA? He did. Who is it that made it necessary for satellite launches to occur now in Russia? Well, NASA is still there doing some satellite launches. The shuttle program's been shut down.

So this was a precursor or a foretelling of what the Obama campaign is going to be, and this is standard operating procedure. This is what happened during 1995 during the budget bill. This is what Democrats always say to one degree or another about Republican budgets. What you need to know is Obama submitted a budget back in February. It went down to defeat 414 to nothing. The Democrats control the Senate. They could pass a budget today. Republicans couldn't stop them because you only need 51 votes to pass a budget.

You don't need 60, and the Democrats have 53 or 54 seats. They could pass it whenever they want. They haven't advanced a budget in three years, the Democrats haven't, because they don't want anything on paper for which they will be held accountable. They don't want anything on paper that could be run against. For three years the Democrats in Congress have not presented a budget. Obama's last two budgets have gone down to humiliating defeats. Paul Ryan has a budget here that attempts to do some good things. And you could see it's under assault, under attack with one lie and one mischaracterization after another.



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