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 "We have secular activists here who are on a mission to get God out of as much of this country's day-to-day activity, traditions -- you name it -- as they can."

"The school in Massachusetts has buckled and now the song is back in the program. Wel-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l. Ah, that didn't take long, did it? So the secular activist at this school in Massachusetts have relented for a while."

"Even if Zimmerman were a Klansman, he wouldn't be guilty for shooting somebody who was beating him savagely. If Trayvon Martin were a Black Panther, it would still be wrong for Zimmerman to shoot him if he was not defending himself. We are supposed to have blind justice! Race is not supposed to matter."

"There's a story here today, Reuters: 'White House in Damage Control Over Obama Supreme Court Remarks.' They're not in any damage control. He said exactly what he intended to say. There's no damage control going on. That's the illusion. They want you to think that there's damage control going on."

"Why is it that every time that there is a political dispute, you people on the left have to assign hate to it and automatically exempt yourselves? You are the haters. You are the people that have this barely controllable rage coursing through your veins, not us."

"We know who the media are, we know who the race hustlers are, and we know that they salivate over stories like this. But the racial angle in this Zimmerman story is repulsive no matter how you look at this."

"In all the years that I have been on the radio, it has never occurred to me to do what NBC did with a piece of audio. It never occurred to me just to make a point or just to further my agenda. What good is it if it's a lie? And had I, can you imagine?"

"We never really are finished here. We never really stop. There's always more."

"Rush Limbaugh, America's Real Anchorman, America's Truth Detector and Doctor of Democracy, a man with whom you could and would totally trust your wife, your niece, your daughters, and your pets overnight in a Motel 6 while you are on a business trip."

"'While many believed it to be an April Fool's Day joke, Vladimir Putin has confirmed Russia has been testing mind-bending psychotronic guns that can effectively turn people into zombies.' Well, I think they probably are using it already, say, at MSNBC. There's zombies already at MSNBC."

"One of two things happen here: The stupid tune in, don't understand it and leave and go back to E Entertainment TV or try to find Snooky reruns, or they get smart, pure and simple."

"There is so much wrapped into the ChiComs ripping the free market. It's the kind of thing the Obama administration would love."

"I just don't believe that they're a bunch of namby-pamby, New Castrati, fearful-for-everything people trying to be politically correct. I think we got secular activists here who are on a mission to get God out of as much of this country's day-to-day activity, traditions, you name it, as they can."

"I think there's panic because the mysticism of 2008's gone, and it's been replaced with a record here that's embarrassing. It's a record of utter failure, and he can't run on it, and so he's got to have enemies."

"Liberals have to have demons, they have to have enemies, and his enemy will float. One month it's me. The next month it's the Supreme Court. The next month it's George Zimmerman. Now it's gonna be Augusta National for a while. Every day there's a new enemy or two to take the focus off his failures."

"This is what liberals do. Liberals want to take all risk, all danger. That's why they tell you coffee will kill you. Then one day oat bran will kill you. Then MSG will kill you. You can't have coconut oil on your popcorn in the movies. They want to take all risk out of life."


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