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Tiger Has a Shot at The Masters
RUSH: I have no idea who's gonna win the Masters and you can't tell after the first day anyway.  Let me check the leader board.  I'm not gonna spoil it.  Let's see here.  Whoa!  Let's see.  No, I'm not gonna tell you anything.  I know people are taping this. They don't want to know anything 'til they get home, so I'm not gonna say a word.  And, by the way, when I said, "Whoa," it doesn't mean anything.  It changed from when I last looked at it, that's what the "whoa" was about.  There's no great surprise here.  (interruption) Yeah, I think Tiger's got a chance.  In the past Tiger's owned this golf course. Yeah, I think he's got a chance. 

The thing with Tiger is that he won Arnold Palmer's tournament, and in addition to whatever confidence that might give him, that's gonna put the fear of God in all these other guys.  That was one of the parts of the Tiger Woods phenomenon that was commented on a lot. These other guys wilted just with the thought that he was in a tournament that could win.  He had this ability to psych them out, is the school yard term or the sandlot term for it, but, yeah.  I'll say he's four shots off the lead right now.  That's all I'm going to say.  That's it.

We Love Dana Perino Here
RUSH: Hey, look at Dana Perino on Fox.  H.R., it looks like she put some yeast in her hair.  It does.  It looks good.  Dana's on that show called The Five, at 5pm. We love that show.  Yeah, she's on there with Bill McGurn from the Wall Street Journal.
Dr. Sowell on Obama, the Media and Nixon
RUSH: Doctor Sowell has a piece today, National Review Online, and it's got some intriguing parts in it.  For example, "The media that exposed Nixon is covering for Obama."  Does that not say it all?  "The media that exposed Nixon is covering for Obama."  Our generation of journalism rebels for whom the phrase "investigative journalism" was invented, have morphed into a bunch of lapdogs content with a little whiff from Obama's hind quarters as evident in that horrible AP meeting yesterday. Sowell didn't say that.  I'm adding that on my own. 

Sowell's quote is:  "It would be hard to become nostalgic about Richard Nixon, who was forced to resign in disgrace. But at least you could tell when he was lying. Obama’s lies are just as big but not as visible, and the media that exposed Nixon is covering for Obama."  Do you realize what an insult that is?  The media hated Nixon.  Woodward and Bernstein are heroes.  Woodward and Bernstein, investigative journalism, 60 Minutes, that's the reason 99% of the journalists that are in the business today are in it, to destroy people.  They hated Nixon.  And Thomas Sowell comes along and says the very people who exposed Nixon are covering for Obama, and that's exactly right.



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