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Some of the topics we're loaded with today: Haley On Romney's "Golden Bullet" || Chevy Volt Pays For Itself In 27 Years || Unemployment Falls To 8.2% || Number Of People Not In Labor Force Rises To Record 88M || NBC Probe Centers On Staffer In Shooting Story Error || Carney: Obama Not Understood Because He Spoke In "Shorthand" Since He Is A Law Professor || Obama: GOP Vision Results In "Poisoning Our Kids"

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Food Police Lose Fight Against McDonald's ... Thinking About Buying a Green Car to Save Money? ... Prayers for Santorum's Daughter ... German Solar Companies Failing ... Germany Proposes Very Un-Obama Tax ... Thirty Thousand Expected for Tebow's Easter Sunday Sermon ...

Beware Obama's Taxmageddon

RUSH: The Heritage Foundation in its Morning Bell blog this past week had an interesting post called "Beware the Taxmageddon -- In a mere 271 days, you and your fellow Americans will be hit with a tax [increase] the likes of which this country has never seen."


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