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Some of the topics we're loaded with today: $500M to IRS to Implement Healthcare Law || Voter Fraud Investigation || Unemployment Falls to 8.2% || Tiger May be Disciplined for Club Kick || Tim Tebow Speaks to Thousands in Georgetown  || Former GSA Head Rejects Push to "Blame" Bush Over Vegas Conference || To Seriously Improve Global Health, Reinvent the Toilet

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Seven Devastating Facts About the Obama Economy ... Facebook to Purchase Instagram for $1B ... The GSA Was Doing an In-Your-Face to Taxpayers ...

Obama in a Nutshell: I Want Your Money, Because I'll Spend It Better and Fairer Than You Will

RUSH: If you want to know what Obama is all about, it's he'll do better with your money than you spending it with some of these robber barons and corporate raiders and so forth. And with Obama in charge of that money, he'll be fair about it. He'll make sure that everybody gets their fair share now. Except him and his buddies. They'll get a little bit more.


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