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CNN's Don Lemon: Go Ahead, Use the N-Word


RUSH:  I kid you not.  There's a CNN anchor, the guy's name is Don Lemon.  He's making the case -- we got sound bites of this, maybe.  I don't know if I want air the sound bite.  He's making the case that it's inappropriate to say, quote, "N-word," unquote, just go ahead and use the N-word.  Just go ahead and use it.  Now, why?  Well, because a couple of CNN anchors and anchorettes have inadvertently used the word the last couple of weeks.  I guess they need to make an excuse for it. "Ah, just go ahead and just start using the word."


RUSH: I say CNN inadvertently used the N-word is that they had somebody reading, like the two anchors were reading the transcript of something on the air that somebody had said.  They used the word in context, rather than say N-word, and the network explained that it was a faux pas, that they didn't really say it, they were quoting somebody else saying it.  But it's happened twice now, so Don Lemon said, (paraphrasing) "Let's just go ahead and make it official, use the word."  And people said, "Well, look, Don, it's okay for you to." Lemon's African-American.  "It's okay for you to, but not for everyone."  "No, no, no, no, everybody should go ahead." Can you imagine if I put this to the test today?  Don't worry, Snerdley.  Don't worry.  Not gonna happen.  By the end of the day I would have invented the word.  We're not into test marketing these CNN ideas here.  We'll leave CNN's ideas to them.