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Pearls of Wisdom

"Warren Buffett owes $1 billion in back taxes. He is fighting it. He doesn't think he should pay it, but publicly he's out there saying, 'I'm not paying enough in taxes.'"

"Privately, all these liberal Democrats live the life of the free market. Publicly, they wouldn't dare advocate it."

"The Democrat Party, the American left despise Reagan -- precisely because of his success, precisely because of his policies, precisely because of the fact that he was genuinely loved and adored by the American people."

"Obama's target audience is the stupid, the ignorant, the uneducated and ill-educated."

"Obama is now co-opting Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan! Democrats have to cite Reagan to get things done. If they're gonna win reelection, they have to somehow associate one of the most popular, respected, beloved presidents ever with their perverted, obscene, destructive policies."

"Every policy Obama has in place is an obstacle to job creation."

"The Bush-era tax cuts were followed by 52 consecutive months of job growth. That, by the way, is a record in US history. The Bush tax cuts helped to create more than eight million new jobs. That's close to a record in the period of time. The Bush tax cuts brought the unemployment rate down to 4.5%."

"I don't believe this notion that Romney's behind Obama by big points in women. That's from an ABC poll. ABC was number 17 in accuracy in the 2008 presidential race. They rated all polls throughout the presidential campaign plus the final one: ABC was 17th on the list in accuracy."

"All these millionaires, I want to see how many of them walk out of the White House and head over to Treasury and write a check because they don't think they're paying their fair share? I'll bet you the answer is zero."

"You know, instead of citing Reagan and all of his so-called tax increases on the rich, why not cite Clinton? There's a reason for this. Clinton is not as popular as they want you to believe. Clinton is nowhere near in Reagan's league with the American people. Clinton no way, no how has that personal relationship and connection to the American people like Reagan did. Of course it would be impossible. Clinton's a phony; Reagan was genuine."

"For crying out loud, if you believe the news, everybody is one trip to the doctor away from a terminal disease diagnosis. We're all gonna die tomorrow unless we all have health care."

"You know, the GSA, the General Services Administration, the stuff we're learning about these party animals? This is Animal House. This is Animal House in the regime. The GSA could spend $5 billion on one outing to Las Vegas and then do videos to show us how and to rub our noses in it."

"Have you ever stopped to realize this bunch of people, the Democrat Party, Barack Obama, they hate Reagan. They have always hated Reagan. They engage in revisionist history about the Reagan years."

"You see a literal false concept created, like this war on women, which is on its surface absurd. Republicans hate women. It's patently absurd. It is worthy of derision and laughter. It doesn't deserve to be taken seriously."

"Left to the devices of the mainstream media, the pictures we get, stories we get, images we get every day on TV is that you and I are about 10% of the country and we are weird, extreme wackos. All this other stuff that is a daily perversion of the traditions and institutions that define this country, that's what's normal now, and it's scary."

"The message from this microphone has been the same for 23 years: You aren't alone. You are not by yourself out there."


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