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ABC: Blame Your Bank for High Gas Prices
RUSH: "Should you blame your bank for high gas prices?" This is from ABC. "A new report out Tuesday says it’s not just supply and demand and Middle East politics that determine the price of a barrel of crude; Visa and MasterCard and the other card companies share some of the blame for the high price of gasoline, the report said." Well, we don't we throw George Bush in this mix, too? "The new report by the National Association of Convenience Stores says it’s those so-called swipe fees at gas stations." For the first time in history, the "swipe fee" is responsible for the increase in gasoline. "Mr. Limbaugh, I don't understand. What is the...? What is the swipe fee?"

That's the voice of Mr. New Castrati. There is a charge anywhere from 1.5% to 3% of the total bill every time you use a credit card. That's how the credit card companies make their money in addition to the extortion -- uh, interest -- that they charge you. Amex is the highest. Amex like 5% to 6% of the whole bill they get. That's why a lot of retailers really love it when you pay cash because there's no swipe fee. But the thing is, people have been using credit cards to buy gasoline for... Well, as long as there have been credit cards. Now all of a sudden in 2012 the swipe fee is responsible for the increase in gasoline.

The swipe fee.

And that means your bank.

You know what this is? This is State-Controlled Media, in league with Obama, trying to gin up class warfare and class hatred against evil big banks, management, and so-called rich businesses who want to do nothing but screw their customers -- and in some cases kill them! That's what the drug companies really want to do, you know: Kill their customers. And the oil companies want to screw their customers. And Big Retail wants to rip off their customers. That's if you listen to the left. The swipe fee! And the USA Today says the gasoline price increase "is likely finished."

"This year's surge in gasoline prices appears over, falling short of the record highs some had feared heading into peak summer driving season. Prices have held at a national average of $3.92 a gallon the past week, below 2011's $3.99 high and July 2008's record $4.11. 'By the behavior of the market, things are just running out of steam,' said Patrick DeHaan, senior analyst for price tracker GasBuddy.com. 'Barring any major event -- refinery problems, Iran,'" or Obama. He didn't say that. I threw it in. "'I think prices have peaked.'" So there you have it: Gas prices, it's over, folks. They're not gonna get any higher. They say so at GasBuddy.com. And any other increase in the price of gas, it's your bank from now on. Swipe fee.

Moochelle: I'm More Popular Than Barack
RUSH: Moochelle Obama. It's a YouTube video. She says, "I am now more popular than the president because I was on iCarly." I don't know what it is, but the point is, she says she's a more popular than the president. Ms. Obama, it's not that hard -- hee-hee-hee -- to be more popular than the president. It isn't that big a deal.

NASA Not Happy
RUSH: There are some people inside NASA that are really fit to be tied because of the way two people, one of them Jim Hansen, have bastardized NASA's credibility with this never-ending complaint of manmade global warming. 


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