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Some of the topics we're loaded with today: Obama and DNC Adviser Hilary Rosen Attacks Ann Romney  || Zimmerman Charged With 2nd Degree Murder || Strong Men More Likely to Vote Conservative || Jobless Claims Jump || Christie's Popularity at All-Time High in NJ || GSA Employees Spent 5 Days in Hawaii for 1-Hour Groundbreaking Event

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Change "Stand Your Ground" Law to "Resist We Much" Law... Zimmerman Arraigned... Gov't Media Twists Jobless Rise...

Obama White House No Utopia for Women

RUSH: We found out that women in the White House earn 18% less than the men who work in the White House. Well, so here you have the Mecca of liberalism, the Mecca of socialism, where at least when they control things they're gonna have their Utopia.  Everything is going to be perfect.  Everybody's gonna be treated the same.

Did Obama Preview Rosen's Attack?

RUSH: At the White House Forum on Women and the Economy, this is Obama setting the stage, perhaps even sending out the instructions to Hilary Rosen.

OBAMA: I was in the state legislature. I was teaching. I was practicing law. Uh, I'd be traveling, and we didn't have the luxury for [Michelle] not to work.

Ann Romney's Response to Rosen

ANN ROMNEY: Hilary needs to know this because I've been on the campaign trail for one year, and guess what women are talking about? And I don't care if they're stay-at-home moms or they're working mothers or they're grandmothers, guess what they're all talking about? They're talking about jobs and they're talking about the legacy of debt that we're leaving our children. That's what I'm hearing.


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