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original"Hilary Rosen apologized to Ann Romney and anybody else that she offended, and then she says, 'It's time to declare peace on this phony war.' Phony war? That's obviously a reference to the war on women! Well, whose phony war on women is it? Who started it? The White House, in conjunction with Stephanopoulos."

"If you want to understand liberalism, Democrats, and the economy, you have to believe they look at the economy as a finite piece of pie of a certain size that never gets bigger. And what's in there is distributed unfairly because we have a 'you're on your own economy,' as Obama describes it."

"To the Democrats, If somebody gets a job, somebody gets fired. Zero-sum game. There's no growth! They don't believe in overall GDP growth, and they don't believe that there's enough to go around. And that is what informs and animates their policies."

"The bleak picture of this widening income gap that Obama is painting simply exists as an excuse to punish the achievers when it is not the reality of life on the ground."

"Ann Romney is not telling anybody else how to live. Ann Romney knows full well what life in America is all about. Ann Romney's a role model. I don't care what you think of Mitt. It's not the point here. She is a role model for living and trying to live a fulfilling life."

"Did you notice Zimmerman actually turned himself in? I have to say, so far at least, Zimmerman seems to be the most cooperative racist, profiling, trigger-happy, Rambo-wannabe hothead I have ever heard about."

"Do you think the Romneys don't know what life is like in America? You don't think they don't understand hardships? Everybody understands it. Even Warren Buffett's hard up. He's owes the IRS a billion dollars, is resisting paying it."

"The Obama administration has just effectively, whether they know it or not, launched a War on Motherhood via Hilary Rosen on CNN. They are not content to just divide men and women. They want to go deeper and divide working mothers from stay-at-home mothers."

"This is such a disaster. They're dragging out Debbie 'Blabbermouth' Schultz now on Twitter. Blabs just tweeted: 'Disappointed in Hilary's comments. As a mother of three there's no doubt that raising children is work.' Wow. Okay, so that tells you where the American people are on this one."

"Back when we were growing up, the purpose of adults was not to take care of kids! It was to raise them to teach them to take care of themselves. Gosh, it's scary to think that that seems so ancient a philosophy. They didn't expect help."

"Dawn is screaming at me that men go on maternity leave now. Is there an artificial womb that's been invented that I haven't heard of?"

"Obama has the power to put together his utopia right in the White House. No bullying, no discrimination, equal pay, whatever the issues are. And yet all this disparity exists. And there's probably bullying that goes on in there. And he's probably one of the biggest bullies in there, as the boss."

"So this week, both Reuters and the AP report that last week's number of claims was revised up. Ha-ha-ha-ha! So the good news last week wasn't as good as they reported. It never is. It's always revised upward. This first time they've told us that, but neither of them mention how this revision probably makes a lie of the headlines from last week."

"Let me tell you something. What was really going on was that women were being weaponized for the Democrat Party. Women were being massaged and formed or whatever. The whole feminist movement was about creating a giant female voting bloc for the Democrat Party. That's really what it was."

"Women are like anybody else; they want jobs, too. They have families; they need income. They're not worried about birth control pills. It's not a problem. It's called Walmart. You can get 'em for nine bucks. I don't know from personal experience, but I've been told."

"I'm telling you, as far as I'm concerned, there is no denying Hilary Rosen is in the pay of the Democrat National Committee. They've admitted that. In fact, the White House is saying, 'Hey, she's over there at the DNC. She's not with us.' So there is no chance that this was not part of their campaign strategy to go after Ann Romney, no way, no how."

"Hey, don't forget, folks, our Cure-A-Thon is tomorrow, as we once again engage in efforts to cure the blood cancers, and we will be using Twitter for tomorrow. We've developed a hashtag to help alert people to what's going on."


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