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Some of the topics we're loaded with today: Cheney: Obama "Has Been An Unmitigated Disaster To The Country" || Taliban Lead Attacks on U.S. Bases and Government Sites Across Afghanistan || "Buffett Rule" is Producing Capitol Gains || Democrat-Controlled Senate Laziest in 20 Years || "Silver Tsunami" of Elderly Drivers Prompts Tough Decisions

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Barney Frank: I Told Obama to Back Off Health Care... Will George Zimmerman Collect the New Black Panther Bounty?... Wealthy Britons Flee UK... Secret Service Scandal Widens... Obama Pays Lower Tax Rate Than His Secretary...NFL to Require Unruly Fans to Pass Psychiatric Test... Romney Leads Obama by 2 Points in First Gallup Tracking Poll...

After Years of Cultural Rot, Why are We Surprised by the Secret Service Scandal?

RUSH: In all candor, folks, how can people be surprised?  Our institutions have been under cultural assault for I don't know how many years.  Can I mention a name to you?  Bill Clinton.  The president of the United States had an intern in the Oval Office, and there was oral sex going on.  Eliot Spitzer, Client No. 9, the governor of New York, and now he's on his second television show.

Maher Reignites the War on Moms

RUSH: Bill Maher says that what Hilary Rosen really meant to say was that Ann Romney has never had to get out of the house at seven o'clock in the morning in order to get the day started. She had to get the kids out of the house, but she didn't have to put up with anybody. She didn't have any dire economic circumstances that she had to deal with.

Dems Focus on Romney's Wealth

RUSH: An e-mailer wants to know, "Why does Mitt Romney have to explain his wealth when John Kerry didn't have to explain his?"  Well, that's easy. It wasn't John Kerry's.  It was his wife's, Teresa Heinz's.  She did not work, in fact.  Nope.  She clipped coupons.


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