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Some of the topics we're loaded with today: The $5 Trillion Man: Debt Has Increased Under Obama by $5,027,761,476,484.56 || Romney Rips Media, "Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy" || Democrats Punt on Senate Budget Bill for 3rd Year || Inmate Sues Hospital for Performing Circumcision on Him Nearly 30 Years Ago || Secret Service Prostitution Scandal Roils DC || Taxmageddon Coming? Answer Could Cost Americans $500 Billion

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Only 84 Million Americans Pay Federal Income Tax... New Yorkers Line Up for Obama Stash...Why the TIME 100 Skips El Rushbo...No More iPhone Irregularities...WaPo Author who Wrongly Tied Romney to KKK Resigns Over Plagiarism... Scott Walker Rises in Polls of Likely Voters...Romney Up Four in Gallup Daily Tracking...Fox News Poll: Most Support Voter ID Laws...NYT Buries Story Debunking Michelle Obama's Food Theories...

Will the Zimmerman Prosecutor's Mediocre Affidavit be Sufficient in a Society That No Longer Demands Excellence?

RUSH: If these people who have analyzed this affidavit are dead right and if this is the product of abject incompetence -- embarrassing incompetence on the part of the prosecutor, Angela Corey -- given our culture, given our education system, might a judge look at this prosecutor as a teacher would and say, "Well, you know, she tried"? And go ahead and let it fly?

The Left Explores "Likability"

RUSH: This is a classic illustration of how you are on the cutting edge of societal evolution if you listen to this program. I mention it yesterday, I bring up the whole subject: "Where is this idea that Obama is so likable, so popular?" And that night, on ABC's World News Tonight, they explore that very thing.

Caller Sets Trap, Host Doesn't Fall In

RUSH: There really is no commonality between this story and the Sanford, Florida, George Zimmerman case. There's really not. You know, a lesser experienced talk show host coulda walked right into this trap, but not I. (interruption) Well, if I mention a trap, I walk into it. So, sorry. I don't mention the trap.

Secret Service Investigates The Nuge

RUSH:  Get this.  Fox News is running a Chyron graphic crawl at the bottom of the screen, and it says, "Taking a look at whether Ted Nugent can be charged for rant."  Taking a look at whether Ted Nugent can be charged for his rant.  Are we gonna charge Calypso Louie?  Are we even gonna look into Calypso Louie?


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