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A Quick Plug for This Website


RUSH: Quick little story. The "Spring Fling" started Wednesday night.  The first guests, the first four guests arrived on Wednesday; the other guests arrived on Thursday afternoon.  At dinner Wednesday night, guests were saying, "Yeah, we were trying to listen to your show today on the flight coming in, and I was having trouble."

"Well, what do you listen to it on?"

"Well, stream this station or that station."

"What, you don't have my app?" 

"What app?"

It got me thinking. I never talk about my own stuff here.  I seldom do. I mean, I mention RushLimbaugh.com, but I don't spend a lot of time on it.  I don't talk about the podcast of the show that we make available each day, after the program, within 30 minutes. Not enough, anyway.  Let me very briefly: RushLimbaugh.com is our website.  We've got a Facebook page, too, and we tweet now and then. But this website is among the finest websites on earth. It's encyclopedic.  It's not just a daily diary of what happens on this program complete with transcripts and sound bites, but it is a storehouse of knowledge.  The archives of this program alone are a storehouse of knowledge, but there are archives of many other things at RushLimbaugh.com. 

We also have an app in the Apple App Store. We don't have the Android version yet.  I'm told by the tech people we're still working on that, but we do have one for the iPad and the iPhone. You get the App, and if you are a subscriber, you simply put your password in and right there is the Dittocam live on your iPhone or iPad. If you're a subscriber. Not only today's Dittocam and live audio stream, but last week's.  The full archive.  Watch whatever program you want right there on the app.  Just search "Rush Limbaugh" in the App Store, and it's there.  At the end of every program, we make available a podcast that's downloadable from iTunes of the program. 

Now, because of ridiculously obscene royalty fees, we cannot include any music in the podcasts. So the theme song isn't heard, whatever satirical music bits we use are not part of the podcast. But all the rest of content of the program is there.  We also don't have any commercials in it, so it takes about an hour and 45 minutes to go through the whole show whenever you want.  You download it. Put it on your iPad, your iPod, your iPhone, run around and listen to it whenever you want, wherever you want.  It's a full service website.  It really is mind-blowing.  It's tremendous, state-of-the-art. 

It's one of the finest out there. When you couple it with the content that's on this program each and every day, it's like I say about this radio program: There's nowhere else you're going to get what you get here.  And I was just reminded of this, and I was telling my friends. They were saying, "Uh, I was trying to find it on WunderRadio." I told them about the app and they said, "Why don't you talk about it?" I said, "I get nervous. I get embarrassed huckstering my own stuff." They said, "You're providing a service here to people.

"You're telling them if they miss something and they want to hear it, there's a way to do it easily," and they were right.  So I wanted to get that in, because it's true.  It is a service. You can enjoy this website any number of ways.  It's free, and there are levels of subscriber service available price-wise for one year, six months, two years.  You can combine a subscription to Limbaugh Letter, the most widely read political newsletter that is printed. A digital version of that is coming soon as well.  It's all there at RushLimbaugh.com. 

The value? My friends, there's no way that the price we charge for this gets anywhere near what the value of it really is.  We are extremely, extremely proud of it.  If you're a new listener, if something happened a month ago and you've been tuning in here to find out what all the hubbub is about four or five weeks ago? RushLimbaugh.com is the fastest way to get up to speed, to find out what happens and get yourself in context on this program.  It's easy to navigate; it's fun to navigate.  We update it. We used to update it for the whole day by six p.m.  Now we update it as the program goes on.  Certain monologues get updated with word-for-word, word-by-word transcripts.  It's cool.  We're really very proud of it.



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